Fortnite Duos PC world record smashed yet again – June 2019

Matt Porter
Epic Games

The world record for eliminations in Fortnite PC duos matches has finally been broken, four months after the previous record was set.

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The previous record of 48, set back in May, was an incredible accomplishment, seeing the team take down almost 50% of all the players in the lobby in one match, and seemed almost impossible to beat.

With the marker laid down, duo Dankline and diddytheboy have absolutely crushed the challenge, taking down 51 players in a single match to claim their place at the top of the world rankings.

Epic Games
A new duo sits on top of the world record standings.
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For those who would like to see how the pair did it, diddytheboy uploaded the full 10 minute gameplay to YouTube, intersplicing gameplay from each player’s view to ensure that viewers can see every kill the duo found in this incredible game.

The game’s Combat Shotgun was the weapon of choice for most of the kills found in this match, although the Burst SMG was also used to great effect by Darkline in the early portions of the match.

The duo split up to ensure they could find the eliminations they needed, with diddytheboy heading to Salty Springs, while Dankline went straight to the always-busy Neo Tilted.

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What makes their incredible game even more impressive is the fact that diddytheboy was eliminated towards the end of the match, leaving Danklingin all alone against 6 other players, who he duly brushed aside to secure the Victory Royale.

The pair were clearly happy to have set the world record, claiming that it was “nuts” while they laughed at the magnitude of their accomplishment.

To the best of our knowledge, this match sends Dankline and diddytheboy straight to the top of the World Records, although a number of other records has higher kills, such as duos vs squads. You can check out all the records in our Fortnite World Record hub.

We’re always looking for new world records, so if you think you have a gameplay that would knock this duo, or any other player, off of the top of the list, get in touch!