Fortnite developers finally address frustrating framerate issues

Epic Games

Fortnite developers Epic Games have finally responded to complaints from the community about FPS issues that have seen their framerates drop, making the game difficult to play.

Since the game released in last 2017, Fortnite has become a global juggernaut, with millions playing the popular battle royale game even now as it enters its twelfth season, which kicked off back on February 20. Chapter 2, Season 2 brought a host of new items and experiences for fans of the game, but as with most updates, it also brought a couple of issues with it.

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Epic Games moved to fix many of these on February 25 when they released a surprise patch for the game, sorting out problems with the game’s aim assist and editing systems, but one frustrating problem still existed, leaving fans wondering if there would ever be a fix.

The Shark in FortniteEpic Games
Fortnite Season 2 introduced new locations, but unfortunately some bugs too.

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Since the launch of Season 2, players across all platforms have been complaining about framerate issues, which make the game appear laggy and make it difficult to play. With this issue happening on consoles and PC, it quickly became clear that this wasn’t an issue with the devices that players were using, but rather something wrong with the Fortnite code itself, meaning there was nothing players could do until the developers themselves addressed it.

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Thankfully, Epic Games have been listening to the cries of Fortnite fans upset with the situation, and on February 27 confirmed that work was underway to fix everything in an upcoming patch.

The developers released a maintenance patch for PlayStation 4 designed to address performance, before confirming that they were also “working on performance improvements for all platforms,” writing on the official Trello board that they were “aware of reports” and that a fix was “in development.”

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These improvements should address the problems with framerate, making it easier to play the game without visual lagging which can make it tough to spot opponents or just move around the island.

Unfortunately, Epic have yet to confirm a date for this fix to release, so Fortnite fans will just have to hang tight until the developers offer more information.

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