Fortnite community bamboozled by fake $1m Team Rumble Cash Cup promo

Epic Games

A fake image of a $1 million Team Rumble tournament of Fortnite has been making the rounds on social media getting the hopes up of many would-be participants.

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Epic Games pumps a ton of money into Fortnite esports and they often feature large prize pools, like the $30 million World Cup.

As a result, it’s not that hard to fall for a fake tournament, like this Team Rumble one, because it doesn’t seem like something Epic Games would be against doing.

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However, the image that has been uploaded onto the Fortnite competitive subreddit and gained more than 600 upvotes is indeed a fake.

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It’s not an obvious fake at first glance but the person who created the image came clean on Twitter and admitted that there is no such tournament in the works.

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This doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a Team Rumble tournament in Fortnite but it does seem pretty unlikely. Then again, there was an Xbox-exclusive tournament so we can’t rule everything out.

Fortnite is a battle royale title first and foremost so putting money up for grabs in a game mode that allows players to respawn seems like it’d be a strange decision, even for Epic Games.

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An Xbox tournament recently took place so Team Rumble wouldn’t really be that odd.[ad name=”article4″]

If something like this ever did come to the game, it would validate all those players who do play Team Rumble in all of their spare time.

However, don’t expect anything like this to come in the near future as Fortnite is still working on a way to nail their current esports scene.

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The Fortnite World Cup Finals take place July 26-28 and after that wraps up, it’s wide open for what they want to do next

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