Fortnite 12.21 Update patch notes: Awaken Oro challenges

Epic Games

Epic Games have officially released Fortnite Chapter 2’s v12.21 patch, going live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices on Tuesday, March 24.

The game developers are no stranger to shuffling the pack in their battle royale game, adding a whole host of content since Season 2 launched – most recently with the introduction of helicopters, or as they’re calling them, Choppas.

Throughout the first season of Chapter 2, fans complained that the developers didn’t update the game enough, leaving the game to grow stale during the longest season yet, but it seems that Epic took on board the complaints of their fanbase and have been releasing frequent updates over the past few weeks.

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Helicopters in fortniteEpic Games
Epic Games have set the bar high with patches in Fortnite Season 2, with Choppas added in v12.20.

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Unfortunately, it seems like this patch hasn’t been as exciting as those that have come before it, with only a new challenge set added.

With so many weapons updated in the game’s files over the past few weeks, it was expected that we would see some guns or items return from the Vault, but with the patch now live and Fortnite fans jumping back into the action, it appears that Epic have decided to wait for a future update to make these changes.

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Fortnite v12.21 Update patch notes

Awaken Oro

The only addition of note was the Awaken Oro challenges, which have been discovered in the game’s files by dataminer FortTory. There is currently no scheduled release date for these, but appear to be part of a bundle with the skin, which sees a golden skeleton wearing a crown. You can view the challenges courtesy of the leaker below.

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Operation: Knockout

Epic Games also added a new Spy Games Limited Time Mode in the 12.21 Update, which appears to be the main reason for this patch.

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The new Knockout LTM is a bracket-style competition that sees players face off in head-to-head action over four rounds. The team with the most eliminations moves on, with every squad hoping to be the last one standing when the LTM ends.

There’s also new intel for both squads, which you can view below.

New Ghost intel:

  • Suppressed SMG
  • Creepin’ Cardboard with more damage
  • Increased Semi-Auro Sniper rarity
  • Reinvigorated perk – instantly regain health after an elimination
  • Scoped AR with reduced recoil
  • Buffed Chug Splashes
  • Parting Gift perk – Leave behind a Proximity Mine where you were eliminated
  • Shield Bubble

New Shadow intel:

  • Hand Cannon
  • Decoy Grenade
  • Pump Shotgun with increased rarity
  • Shield Steal perk – Gain shields by damaging shielded opponents
  • Rapidfire SMG with more ammo
  • Jetpack upgrade
  • Air Raid perk – Deal increased damage while airborne for longer than one second
  • Clinger grenades

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Bug fixes

the Fortnite team have added a number of bugs and problems to their official Trello board. Unfortunately, none have been marked as fixed yet, so it looks like we’ll need to wait until the next update for solutions to these problems. The following bugs have been noted, and are yet to be resolved:

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  • Tournament scores are visually incorrect in Lobby and in-match.
  • Party Assist for Missions temporarily unavailable.
  • Unintentional Carry or Shakedown on controller.
  • In Split Screen, game freezes when leaving party.
  • Meowscles’ “Survive a fall” Challenge not always tracking progress.
  • “Use Legacy Look Controls” will be removed from game.
  • Difficulty picking up items with the Use button.
  • Hit Indicators show wrong direction.
  • Buildings and structures may appear low detail.

Unfortunately, that seems to be it for the Fortnite v12.21 patch, but we’ll be sure to update this article if any new items or changes are discovered.

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