Former Epic Games director tried to cancel Fortnite: “It would not exist”


Fortnite is currently the biggest game in the world, but it wouldn’t have achieved such success had former director of production, Rod Fergusson, stayed at Epic Games – as he planned to scrap the game’s development entirely.

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Originally launched in July 2017 with Fortnite: Save the World, it wasn’t until September 2017 when the battle royale mode was released which resulted in the game exploding in popularity, capturing most of the market share previously held by titles such as H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

With top streamers and content creators all rushing to play the game, it reached heights that no one ever would have expected, including ex-director of production, Rod Fergusson, who revealed that the game would have been cancelled if he was still employed with Epic Games.

Fortnite is currently the world’s most popular game.
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Speaking to Game Informer, Fergusson, who now works with the Gears 5 team, claimed the Fortnite project didn’t include BR during his time with the company and Save the World posed plenty of challenges which could have led to cancellation.

“If I stayed at Epic, I would have cancelled Fortnite. Absolutely,” Fergusson said. “Before I left I tried to cancel Fortnite. When it was just Save the World, that was a project that had some challenges.

“As the director of production at the time, that game would not have passed my bar for something we should have continued to keep going.”

Fortnite was almost scrapped from development before BR was added.
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Fergusson added that he does not lose any sleep over it, despite their enormous success over the last two years, and revealed he was extremely happy for the developers.

However, he was quick to remind fans that the game they know and love would not exist if he stayed with the company.

The former director said: “That game you love, the worldwide sensation, it would not exist had I stayed at Epic.”

Fortunately for Fortnite fans, the game shows no signs of dying any time soon.