Final Fortnite Season 10 teaser hints at major map changes

Matt Porter

Epic Games have dropped the fourth and final teaser for Fortnite Season 10, which appears to hint at some major map changes. 

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Fortnite Season 10 officially kicks off on Thursday, August 1, and is set to usher in a host of changes and updates to the game that developers Epic will hope keep players entrhalled in their popular battle royale title. 

Epic Games have already dropped three teasers, the first showing the classic Dusty Depot location which was destroyed by a meteor, the second an image of The Visitor character, and the third seemingly hinting at some sort of time travel narrative with a caption which simply states: “Twist Time.”

Epic GamesCould Dusty Depot be returning in Season 10?
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The fourth and final teaser shows the current state of Loot Lake, which has a giant orb floating above it that has been pulsing for days.

In the video, the ball can be seen exploding, with a masive burst of light shooting high into the sky, as it finally detonates, and sends a Jonesy flying across the map. 

The clip could hint at the possible destruction of the map as we know it, however that has yet to be confirmed. 

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The tweet that was released alongside the image includes the caption: “Zero In,” another cryptic clue that provides little insight into what could take place. 

The orb originally appeared during the game’s Cattus vs Doggus event, and with the giant creature’s skeleton and the huge sword still laying on the island, it could be possible that they are also involved in the next epic twist of Fortnite’s overarching storyline. 

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It’s still not entirely clear what Epic Games have in store for fans when they release the game’s tenth season on August 1, but excitement is already growing at the possibility of a return of fan-favorite locations and likely some entirely new points-of-interest. 

Fans have speculated that the island could be hurtling through space and time back to it’s original design, with the return of the classic locations like the depots, Moisty Mire and Tomato Town, while others think we’ll head to the future entirely and the whole map could take on a futuristic vibe like Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. 

Whatever happens, it’s sure to shake things up when the v10 update for the mega-popular battle royale game releases tomorrow!