Final Fight LTM Disabled in Fortnite as 50v50 Returns With A Twist – More Resources, Dual Pistols and Bounce Pads

Epic Games has disabled the new ‘Final Fight’ limited time mode in Fortnite Battle Royale after acknowledging fan feedback and that the mode hadn’t been executed quite how they imagined.

Final Fight introduced a teams of 12, with slightly different gameplay rules than the standard modes and most significantly a different storm system.

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The team that had the most players still alive at the end of a set timer would win the match, instead of the storm continually shrinking inwards and eventually wiping out the entire map.

The mode came as part of the v4.5 update, which also introduced the Playground LTM which was also disabled soon after being implemented.

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But for fans of the Final Fight LTM, it isn’t all bad news as Epic Games has confirmed that the fan favorite ’50v50′ LTM will be making a return in its place.

This time however, it will feature some interesting changes to incorporate the new dual pistols which came with the v4.5 update.

The 50v50 mode will go live at 10 am EDT on Friday June 29th, while Final Fight is disabled until further notice. Full details can be found below, via Reddit.

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Heya Folks, We’ve heard your feedback regarding the Final Fight LTM and we agree that the mode isn’t quite in a state where we want it to be. Due to this, we’ll be disabling Final Fight and re-enabling the 50v50 LTM at 10AM EDT. This time around 50v50 will have: 

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  • Double normal Dual Pistol spawn rate
  • Double bounce pads spawns
  • +50% resource rates
  • 50v50 v2 storms

 Thank you for all of your feedback on the Final Fight LTM. Enjoy the +100% XP weekend!