Epic Games share news on major Fortnite issue causing FPS drop when building

Epic Games have addressed a critical bug in Fortnite Battle Royale that was causing players to experience a drop in their frames-per-second when using the game’s building interface.

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Epic put out a tweet via the official Fortnite Twitter account announcing that the bug had been fixed via a hotfix. Players will not need to do update their game as this fix has been implemented automatically and will take effect once a player returns to the lobby.

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This puts an end to an issue that was becoming a hindrance for many players, and became much more common after the release of the massive v7.20 update on January 15.

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While not as commonly experienced in regular gameplay, the FPS drop became more frequent and noticeable in modes like Creative or Playground, where players tend to build a lot more freely and in larger quantities.

Unfortunately, a lot of players began complaining that as soon as they pulled out their building blueprint or phone, they would experience a heavy drop in their FPS, which would get worse the more they tried to build. 

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“When I have my pickaxe or a weapon out, I do not have any FPS drop, but as soon as I pull out the blueprint it becomes rather low, and when I start building it becomes unplayable.”

This was one of the posts found on Epic’s forums after v7.20 went live, and it echoed the sentiments of many who were frustrated by the same issue.

Reddit user ‘stonebros’ posted a video showing truly how bad this issue can get, calling it “beyond crippling” and explaining that it can range from minor to severe among different players. 

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Luckily, Epic have acknowledged and quickly fixed this issue, removing a major annoyance from the game and allowing the players to build freely once more.

The promptness with which the developers addressed this just goes to prove how dedicated they are to keeping the Fortnite gaming experience fresh and fun. 

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