Epic Games explain why they vaulted the Infinity Blade in Fortnite

Fortnite announced on Friday, December 14 that the Infinity Blade would be headed to the vault after the community lashed out about the weapon being incredibly overpowered.

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The first Mythic weapon in Fortnite was introduced on Tuesday, December 11, the same day as the start of the NA Winter Royale Finals.

After the weapon ended up taking center stage for basically being a free ticket to win, many were calling for it to either be put in its own game mode or to be vaulted altogether. 

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On December 14, Epic Games seemingly took the community feedback to heart and simply vaulted the weapon while it re-evaluates the place of it and future Mythic items. 

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The move was immediately met with widespread acclaim, as many found it refreshing to see Epic admit to having made a mistake with the introduction of  the weapon. 

All hope for any changes seemed lost when Epic Games announced a small nerf to the weapon on December 13 while also hinting at more Mythic weapons to come soon.

It seems that the immediate and incredibly negative backlash from that move was the final thing that tipped the scales and forced Epic’s hand on the matter. 

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This isn’t the first time that Epic has had to Vault an item soon after release, with Guided Missiles being one of the other controversial items to quickly get Vaulted. 

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It will now be interesting to see what the next move from Epic is on the subject of Mythic weapons.

Will more be added to the main game mode in the future? Or will they be added in as LTMs, like many in the community have suggested? Only time will tell.