Epic Games cease custom Fortnite servers for European tournament organizers

Matt Porter

Epic Games have suspended support for online community-run competitive Fortnite events in France.

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The news, which was announced on Twitter, confirmed that Epic Games would no longer provide community-run tournaments with custom matchmaking keys, effective immediately.

It would appear that France is the only country affected by this at the time of writing, but this may change as time goes on.

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In a statement posted on Twitter by Kimundi, a Community Manager at FortniteFR, it was confirmed that while they are no longer offering the custom keys, events already organised will not be affected. 

“Following an internal decision, it was decided that access to custom games would no longer be given for competitive online events until further notice. Tournaments already validated are maintained,” he explained.


Kimundi then stated that future offline tournaments will still be eligible, but they will have to acquire the keys through “direct contact with Epic Games in France. 

The Community Manager also spoke about the need to “adapt to the internal rules so as not to jeopardize the future projects of our teams”, which seems to hint at the possibility that the developers at Epic Games could be working on a different system to replace this.

FortniteFR have yet to announce an official reason as to why they have decided to end support for community-run tournaments. However, the suspension of this support seems to be indefinite.