Epic Games Announces Exclusive Outfits for Fortnite ‘Founder’s Pack’ Owners

Fortnite ‘Founders’ will be rewarded with new outfits in the ‘Battle Royale’ portion of the game for their dedication to the title.

Although many were first acclimated with the title following the release of Battle Royale in September of 2017, Fortnite’s ‘Save the World’ mode was originally launched in July of 2017 for Paid Early Access.

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While Battle Royale is Free, Save the World is offered at different price points based on content included, with Epic Games creating certain ‘Founder’s Packs’ for hardcore fans and players alike to purchase.

On July 23, 2018, the developer announced that Founder’s Pack owners will receive the ‘Legendary Warpaint’ and ‘Rose Team Leader’ outfits in Battle Royale as a ‘thank you’ for their support over the last year.

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More information on the outfits was revealed via a Reddit post, stating that ‘Legendary Warpaint’ and ‘Rose Team Leader’ are both Legendary in regards to their rarity, and that they will be gifted alongside the ‘Pursuit’ and ‘Skirmish’ Back Bling.

Founder’s Rewards Incoming!

“Heya folks,

We’re quickly approaching Fortnite’s First Birthday and have a few fun surprises planned for everyone!

Are you a Save the World founder?

To thank you for your continued support, we’re dropping in two Legendary Founder’s Outfits that you’ll be able to equip in Battle Royale as part of our v5.1 release. These Outfits are exclusive to Save the World founders, both past and future. You’ll receive Warpaint and Rose Team Leader, along with exclusive Pursuit and Skirmish Back Bling!”

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Per the Tweet, it is stated that the outfits will become available to Founder’s Pack owners in the upcoming V.5.1 update, which should launch at some point later this week.

As of writing, it is unknown if the outfits will be offered to other players down the line, or if they will remain exclusive to Founder’s pack owners.

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