DrLupo claims Fortnite’s rate of fire is directly affected by your FPS [Epic Responds]

David Purcell

UPDATE – January 22, 2019

Following DrLupos findings regarding FPS and rate of fire in Fortnite, Epic Games responded and confirmed that they are investigating a fix for the important issue. 

Benjamin ‘DrLupo’ Lupo has been conducting tests in Fortnite and claims that FPS can directly impact the rate of fire in weapons. 

The popular streamer has shared the results of a test to his followers on Twitter, where he was trying to see if fire rate issues which are currently being found in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also exist in Fortnite.  

Using the submachine gun, he fired at a wall with two different rates of FPS and the results were quite shocking. 

Fortnite’s standard submachine gun, the weapon DrLupo used in this test.

Playing two clips side-by-side, Lupo showed the fire rate of the weapon in both 300 FPS and 30 FPS and it was clear to see that the former was significantly quicker. 

“In my opinion – in a majority of engagements – it won’t matter. But, the fact that it might matter in a competitive environment is an issue” Lupo tweeted. “I’m also curious to know if it affects building, editing, etc.” 

From what Lupo has said in these tweets, it’s possible that he will test the issue further, focusing on other elements of the game. 

The initial experiment was sparked by a post which has been doing the rounds on Reddit, which shows a “wildly” fluctuating rate of fire in PUBG, depending on a player’s FPS. 

With both games running on Unreal Engine 4, Lupo conducted the tests and was shocked to find that there was also a difference when playing Epic Games’ battle royale game. The question is, will the developer verify and respond to the issue any time soon?

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