Dr DisRespect compares Epic Games to Daybreak after hilarious, rage-induced Fortnite death

Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect has had enough of Fortnite Battle Royale, paying its developers a pretty bad insult during a moment of pure rage.

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Having seven eliminations with only three enemy players left, the Doc was nearing the end of a Fortnite match that would have been a nice little victory for him.

However, that was all thrown by the wayside when another player swooped in on his X-4 Stormwing plane and eliminated the Doc, which triggered his rage-filled reaction.

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Incenced by the way he had been killed in-game, the Doc began ranting about how “clueless” Epic Games were and likened them to Daybreak Game Company, the developers who produced H1Z1, another popular battle royale game. 

“Good job Daybreak! Might as well call Epic Games Daybreak because they’re stupid and they’re clueless!” he ranted. “Might as well call them stupid and clueless from Daybreak Games from North Carolina!”

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One of the Doc’s biggest problems with Fortnite is how powerful the X-4 Stormwing planes are.

It’s clear that one of Doc’s biggest contentions with the current state of the game is how powerful the X-4 Stormwings are, which seems to be in line with what most other popular streamers and pro players are complaining about as well.

“‘Yeah let’s have some airplanes in it so they can just fly around and fly around and fly around and drop in and third party the guy!'” he went on. “Fucking dumb dude! Fucking game sucks man! This game fucking sucks, you hear me?! It sucks! It’s overrated! It’s overrated! 

With Doc’s temper running at an all-time high and his spit flying around the facecam, as usual, he could not hold his anger back and had to take a small break from the stream to regain his composure.

Those who have followed the Doc for a while will know of his up-and-down history with Daybreak and H1Z1. Despite having his own personalized in-game cosmetic items, the Doc was often very critical of the game’s development, which is a main reason why he switched to PUBG when the game died down.

He sure hasn’t forgotten those past experiences, and while him likening Epic to Daybreak is unfair considering the contrast of the two companies’ successes, it should still be seen as a serious insult. 

This was the Doc’s second rage-filled Fortnite moment in as many days as the streamer was clipped ranting similarly about some of the game’s core issues in his previous stream.