Dr Disrespect becomes unhinged while playing Fortnite with random duo - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect becomes unhinged while playing Fortnite with random duo

Published: 24/Dec/2019 21:15

by Bill Cooney


Just before Christmas, Dr Disrespect once again headed into Fortnite duos, and may have finally lost his mind in the process.

Despite swearing off Fortnite on multiple occasions and even uninstalling it more times then we can keep track of, the Two-Time has given it another shot after the release of Chapter 2.

The honeymoon didn’t last long at all though, with Doc complaining about “ten year old, cheeto-eating little punks” ruining Chapter 2 for everyone else.

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Recently, during a December 23 stream, the “little kid” playing Fortnite on his duos squad caused Doc to lose the last of his marbles.

The best clip from the stream features Doc with a totally not-insane smile on his face as he asks his young teammate where they want to go in a mocking, high-pitched voice.


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“Happy holidays, and Merry Christmas, to you!” Doc said all while keeping the creepy smile going. “What are you going to get from Santa Claus?”

His teammate, who sounded understandably disturbed by the creepy-sounding questions, told Doc he was getting a PC for Christmas, most likely to play Fortnite on.

“How much memory is your PC going to have there, little Twist?” Doc asked his teammate in the creepiest way possible, before wishing him a merry Christmas again in the most disturbing way possible.

Dr DisrespectAll Dr Disrespect wants for Christmas is his sanity back, apparently.

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Sadly, “Little Twist” got knocked out quickly after dropping, and the Doc only managed to score 14th place before being knocked out.

Sadly, Doc wasn’t able to earn a Fortnite win during the stream before switching it up to PUBG. But who knows? Maybe 2020 will be the year the Two Time finally quits Fortnite for good, if not for his viewer’s sake than his own mental health.