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Grenades disabled in Fortnite after overpowered exploit found

Published: 31/Mar/2020 13:29 Updated: 31/Mar/2020 17:42

by Jacob Hale


A ridiculous Fortnite bug is allowing players to throw unlimited grenades at once, and it is literally impossible to counter.

As with any game, Fortnite has its fair share of bugs, exploits and glitches, but Epic Games are usually pretty prompt to respond and fix things that are broken.

However, players have recently discovered that it’s possible to throw all of your grenades at once with a simple keybind, and it is genuinely absurd.

Epic Games
Despite some fun new additions to Fortnite with Season 2, bugs like these will need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

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It looks like controller players might have another retort to bite back with when mouse & keyboard users complain about aim assist, as this looks like a bug exclusive to mouse and keyboard.


As shown in the video, using a scroll wheel reset setting allows players to throw unlimited grenades at once – or, however many you have in your inventory slot.

The max stack in public matches currently is six grenades, but in Creative games, you can literally carry unlimited grenades – and completely wreak havoc on your opponents. As evidenced in the video below, in which TurtleTavern explains how easy it is to exploit this bug, you can see multiple explosions at once after what appears to be one grenade throw.

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As it’s simply changing the Combat settings in the game, this probably wasn’t an issue that Epic saw coming, but they’ll likely be concerned once they catch wind of this exploit.


Scroll wheel reset has been a common complaint from controller players, who see the setting as unfair with the way it allows mouse and keyboard users to quickly edit builds in a way that controllers can’t.

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A few hours after this exploit was discovered, Epic Games found it and took action, temporarily disabling grenades from battle royale.

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Needless to say, issues like this only fuel the debate between both inputs, but it at least looks like Epic Games are working quickly to take action and stop the issue.

While grenades are temporarily disabled, they will aim to find out why this is occurring and figure out a way to make the settings as customizable as possible without allowing for exploits or bugs to give players an unfair advantage.