CouRage reveals hilarious new charity for DrLupo’s age at Fortnite World Cup

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Fortnite Pro-Am at the World Cup.

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The Fortnite World Cup festivities have begun and to close out the first day players participated in the Fortnite Pro-Am where fans got to see many of their favorite creators and celebrities battle it out.

However, the first shots were fired before the matches even began as CouRage took a shot at Lupo’s age, a common target among friends.

Twitter: CouRageJDCouRage, Ninja and Lupo are all close friends.
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Lupo is often considered the father of the Fortnite community due to his age, even though he’s in his early thirties. 

During CouRage’s introduction, he cut to a video announcing a new charity that he claims is a cause that’s near and dear to him and how it will help his good friend DrLupo.

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“It’s for a good friend DrLupo, who gets older every single day,” he explained. “In the past six months, hand-eye coordination, eye sight, and his hearing have gone completely downhill. So please, join me in support the Geriatric Gamer Foundation so my friend DrLupo can get the help he so desperately needs.”

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It’s interesting to note that as Lupo aged in the video, he actually got more hair, which was a surprising sight.

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However, Lupo was able to get the last laugh as he signed into Fortnite and told everyone to use his creator code. 

It was quite the haymaker from him as the official Fortnite broadcast even zoomed on his screen and showed thousands of viewers what he wrote.

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In the end, Lupo and CouRage are great friends and there’s no bad blood between the two streamers.

Sometimes you just get fed up with everyone calling you old so you have to defend yourself.

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