Banks breaks silence on Jarvis’ future in Fortnite and FaZe Clan

Joe Craven
YouTube: FaZe Jarvis/TMZSports

Owner of FaZe Clan Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks has revealed more details on the permanent ban handed out to 18-year-old Fortnite player and YouTuber Jarvis Kaye, after he uploaded YouTube videos using aimbotting technology. 

Back in November, Epic Games handed out a permanent ban to FaZe Clan’s Jarvis after he uploaded a series of videos in which he used an aimbot on his alternative account.

Although it wasn’t on his main account, or in a competitive setting, Epic still permanently banned Jarvis, effectively ending his Fortnite career. Jarvis gave a tearful apology but has, at the time of writing, not had his ban shortened or rescinded in any way. 

YouTube: FaZe JarvisJarvis was just 17 years old when he was banned for life from Fortnite.

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On December 8, FaZe Clan owner Ricky Banks spoke to TMZSports, answering numerous questions pertaining to Jarvis, who has been relatively quiet in the public sphere since his permanent ban.

Banks confirmed he has spoken to Jarvis countless times since he acquired his ban, and that the 18-year-old remains in good spirits, despite the fact he can no longer play Epic Games’ building battle royale.

“He’s good man, Jarvis is doing really good,” Banks said. “He’s back at home, kicking with his family. He’s holding in there, he’s family so we got him.” 

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Following his ban news reports emerged that the Jarvis would be returning home to the UK, stories that appear true as Bank confirmed “he’s back home”. 

Banks also described him as “forever a legend” in the gaming community, but that his future on Fortnite is basically non-existent. 

“The chances of him playing Fortnite are zero,” Banks stated. “The chances of him creating content around Fortnite – there’s potential in that. Kinda just going with the flow.” 

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Banks didn’t clarify his comments any further, but it certainly seems like we’ve seen the end of FaZe Jarvis in a competitive Fortnite sense.

It remains uncertain whether we’ll see Jarvis in a content creation role, particularly given his permanent ban from all aspects of the game – not just competitive.

Regardless of the 18 year old’s future, it certainly appears that Banks and other FaZe Clan members are going to look out for their teammate. 

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