Grubhub gifts engaged couple $5,000 after meeting on food delivery app

Molly Byrne
couple meets on grubhub

After meeting through Grubhub, the food delivery app gifted a very happy couple $5,000 for their upcoming wedding.

Grubhub might be a food delivery app, but that doesn’t mean a little interaction between drivers and customers can’t happen. For instance, in December 2023, a Grubhub customer left a cheeky note for the driver to “knock quietly” because they were “on a diet.” 

And in October 2022, a woman went viral after they shared the text exchange she had with her Grubhub delivery driver whose boyfriend ate her order because he was “hungry as hell.”

Fortunately for Grubhub customer Hannah Bullerman, 25, she encountered a moment with her Grubhub driver that would change her life forever — even if she initially intended to satisfy her craving for fried pickles, applesauce, and chicken wings.

Upon Bullerman’s delivery, she noticed how “cute” the Grubhub driver, Alex Hoffman, 27, was. Though she told People that it is “unlike” her to make the first move, she did so anyway, saying “It was just a visceral feeling in my stomach. He just had very kind eyes.”

After Hoffman dropped off her order, Bullerman followed her intuitive feeling and texted him. “I hope you have a day as nice as your face,” she wrote. Nervous, she then threw her phone as far away from her as possible, but fortunately for her, Hoffman responded.

“Hope my service was 10 out of 10,” he said to Hoffman, including “cheesy jokes” so she knew that he was on the funnier side.

Hoffman is now encouraging others to “send that risky text.” The two are engaged and will marry in May 2025 after he proposed two years ago. Grubhub has even gifted the couple $5,000 toward their wedding plans.

couple meets on grubhub

Hoffman also chimed in on meeting Bullerman for the first time, telling People that although he didn’t know if Bullerman meant to text him, he embraced the moment and called her efforts “nice and bold.”

Though both mentioned that neither of them was looking for a relationship at the time, Bullerman noted that it was “love at first sight.” As for Hoffman, he said he wasn’t ‘expecting’ to fall in love, but was happy he played into Bullerman’s flirtations.

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