FFXIV Race to World First winners Neverland “mindblown” at community response

final fantasy xiv ffxiv neverland team stand together in dragonsong's reprise after winning race to world first rwfTwitter: Elshalfu

In a Final Fantasy XIV Race to World First characterized by upsets, Neverland walked away from Dragonsong’s Reprise with the title in hand. As the curtain falls, the FC has opened up on the FFXIV’s community reception to their victory.

Having only formed a month prior to Final Fantasy XIV’s Dragonsong’s Reprise Race to World First, Neverland were the dark horse that no one saw coming.

A ragtag band formed of two splinter groups and close friend, Skylar (who subbed in for the team with a mere 10 days notice), their victory has proven that anyone has a chance at pulling the rug out from some of Eorzea’s finest (specifically Thoughts per Second, or TPS).

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As they took a moment to rest and recuperate, the squad was greeted by floods of ecstatic onlookers in the capital of Limsa Lominsa, where players from every realm congregated to celebrate the occasion. As the dust settles, FFXIV’s newest stars sat down with Dexerto to explain just how wild the community’s reaction has been post-RWF.

final fantasy xiv ffxiv players crowd around Neverland in Limsa Lominsa after they win Dragonsong's Reprise Race to World FirstTwitter: Kuromai
Sporting all-new weapons, the crowds descended to catch a glimpse of FFXIV’s champions in Limsa Lominsa.

Neverland stunned by FFXIV community reactions

As FFXIV’s player base continues to expand in the wake of the mass exodus from rival title, World of Warcraft, the community came out in full force this time around to congratulate Neverland in style.

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Reminiscing about moments post-RWF, Shalfu recalls “it felt amazing. I remember we went to a bench in Limsa Lominsa and we started to talk between ourselves and weren’t even looking at the game. When I tabbed back in I saw so many people around me. I was like ‘what the f**k is that!’ It’s really heartwarming feeling this support from the community. It makes you shed a few tears.”

“We are all players here, we don’t see ourselves as something special or unique,’ continues Zeppe. “The reaction and feedback to this has been blowing my mind; it’s really, really insane.”

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This is echoed by Narrlocke, who comments “I was really surprised by the feedback, too. A lot of the guys in this group have been doing this for a while, they’ve all been up there before. This is my first time, and it was crazy to see how, after we cleared, it was like, five minutes, and everyone knew my name. Generally, because of the way the game is marketed, most people don’t follow this kind of stuff, so it was crazy to see pervasive and thorough the news of this stuff had gotten.”

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The community was so excited that they even crashed Zeppe and Shalfu’s respective Twitter accounts with their well-wishes; but Reimi, who doesn’t use a lot of social media, received different responses.

“I had people who hadn’t talked to me in years message me on Steam, or on Twitch. It’s weird how people remember you, and you remember them just like that.”

As FFXIV’s competitive sphere continues to blossom into something truly magical, we can’t wait to see whether or not Neverland remain on top, or if they’ll relinquish their crown to a new challenger. Until then, though, if you catch them in Limsa give them a congrats – they’ve earned it!

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