FFXIV Patch 6.38 Notes: NA Server Upgrades, speculative changes

final fantasy xiv image of player housingSquare Enix

Final Fantasy XIV is releasing a new minor update to the game, including maintenance on the infrastructure for the North America Data Centre and smaller system changes.

A new patch is on the horizon for Square Enix’s ever-popular MMO. Patch 6.38 is a minor patch for the title, likely being one of the final ones before they release the larger 6.4 in the coming months. Despite being a small patch, however, the game’s servers will be going down for quite some time as they work on maintaining the North American Data Centre.

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final fantasy xiv hegemone from the abyssos raid tierSquare Enix
Final Fantasy XIV players have another new update to look forward to.

When is Patch 6.38 releasing in FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV has announced on Lodestone that Patch 6.38 will arrive on Live Servers on April 4th, 2023.

As per usual there will be maintenance involved with the servers, this one lasting 24 hours in total. Here are the key timings:

  • GMT: April 3rd 10am – April 4th 10am
  • BST: April 3rd 11am – April 4th 11am
  • AEDT: April 3rd 9pm – April 4th 9pm
  • PDT: April 3rd 3am – April 4th 3am

The reason behind this longer time is due to the maintenance Square Enix will be performing on the North American Data Centre Infrastructure, and as such, all servers will be down during this time.

What can we expect in FFXIV Patch 6.38?

Square Enix has yet to officially announce the contents of Patch 6.38, but it’s likely to be nothing major. As we only recently received Patch 6.35 a short while ago, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting anything game-breaking.

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However, players have speculated that Patch 6.38 will bring about minor changes to the way in which they can receive best in slot/ high item level gear. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for details on such changes in the coming weeks.

Please note that this information is currently speculative, we will be updating this piece with more information as soon as it becomes available.

Savage Loot Lockout Removed

Easily one of the biggest pain points for Final Fantasy XIV raiders is the loot lockout system for the current tier. Each week players are able to partake once in each of the four fights to gather loot and rewards for each completion. However, the loot that drops from clearing the fight is bid on by all players, meaning some unlucky Warriors of Light may only receive a token.

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Players are still able to participate in the fights of the current savage tier after their weekly clear, but parties with higher cleared players will have diminished loot pools.

Patch 6.38 is predicted to remove this feature, similar to how Patch 6.18 did with the previous tier. This means players can farm for BiS as much as they’d like. Patch 6.38 should also allow players to enter any fight of their choosing, despite not clearing the one before it.

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Tomestone Weapon Upgrades

Aside from savage tier raiding, players are able to equip themselves with higher item-level gear by just playing the game. Players can receive Tomestones by completing certain activities and be traded in for high-item level gear. This gear can then be upgraded further by participating in Alliance Raids, granting players the ability to upgrade one piece each week.

final fantasy xiv halone from the euphrosyne alliance raidSquare Enix
Alliance Raids will net players rewards that allow them to upgrade their tomestone gear.

The only exception to this was the Tomestone weapon, which did not have an upgrade path outside of savage raiding. Patch 6.38 will likely bring the ability to trade Alliance Raid rewards for the higher-level tomestone weapon.

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Tomestone Limit Doubled

Another change that may come with Patch 6.38 is the doubling of the current highest tombstone limit. Tomestones of Causality are currently capped at 450 per week, restricting players from gaining any more until the weekly reset. This has slowed down player progression and has been a frustration shared by many in the FFXIV community.

Patch 6.38 may double the weekly cap for Tomestones of Causality to 900 per week, giving players a bit more wiggle room and speeding up their progression.

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Be sure to check back soon as we’ll update you here with official details on Patch 6.38 as further news comes to the surface.