FFXIV update 6.35 patch notes: New deep dungeon, relic items, Loporrit Tribal Quests

ffxiv eureka orthosSquare Enix

Patch 6.35 of FFXIV is coming, with a new deep dungeon, relic items, and the Loporrit tribal quests to keep players entertained while devs work on the next major update.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently in its after patches of Endwalker. This means that occasionally players are blessed with smaller, more frequent updates from the developers, as they slowly pad out the game. Alongside this, the after patches for Final Fantasy XIV often slowly culminate and work towards the major ones.

Square Enix has announced that Patch 6.35 is on the way, and with it, some new content for players to enjoy. Here’s what to expect from the update.

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When is Patch 6.35 of FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV has announced on Twitter that Patch 6.35 will be hitting the live servers on March 7th, 2023.

Square Enix has confirmed the timing of the patch, as well as when the servers will be down for maintenance.

  • GMT: 6am – 10am
  • PST: March 6th 10pm – March 7th 2am
  • AEDT: 5pm – 9pm
  • EST: 1am – 5am

The completion time of the maintenance is subject to change, however, won’t be released before the scheduled end time.

FFXIV Patch 6.35 Content

Deep Dungeon: Eureka Orthos

The next Deep Dungeon will be released in Patch 6.35 of FFXIV. Deep Dungeons are dungeons that players can enter solo or with a group, and is all about exploration and venturing further in. Deep Dungeons offer players a randomly generated floor that they’ll need to traverse through, eventually needing to defeat a boss to complete each major floor.

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ffxiv deep dungeonSquare Enix
Eureka Orthos is the second Deep Dungeon in FFXIV.

Eureka Orthos is the second Deep Dungeon to be released and will see players venture into an Allagan Laboratory underneath the Crystal Tower.

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures

Hildibrand Quests are back on the menu in Patch 6.35. The Hildibrand Questline has always been a bit fantastical and more on the lighter side.

Players will need to have completed the original questline that originated in A Realm Reborn. The overall questline can take some time, however, so if players are interested in partaking in the quest, they’ll need to go through the original game’s quest.

ffxiv hildibrandSquare Enix
The Hildibrand Questline is being extended in Patch 6.35.

Relic Questlines

Relics are fancy pieces of equipment that players can grind for. Relic items are generally used for glamour or transmogrification purposes but can offer a powerful alternative to other weapons if players want to grind for them.

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The relics for Endwalker are related to Manderville, and require the completion of the questline in order to start them.

Loporitt Tribal Quests

The Loporitts will be receiving their tribal quests in Patch 6.35. Tribal Quests allow players to invest more into a tribe, going through a questline and learning more about them. The Loporitts are the next tribe to receive their tribal quests, after the Omicrons in patch 6.25.

ffxiv loporittsSquare Enix
Loporitts will be the next tribe to receive tribal quests.

As the player’s level up further with the Loporitts, they’ll be able to exchange a currency they receive from completing quests for various rewards such as mounts and other cosmetic items.

Be sure to check back here soon as we’ll keep you updated with the full patch notes as further details arise.

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