FF14 fans are knocked flat by amazing 6.3 update steamed bun animation

ff14 steamed bunSquare Enix

The incredible attention to detail applied to a steamed bun animation for FF14’s 6.3 update has truly wowed longtime fans.

Final Fantasy 14 received its 6.3 patch on January 10, which added a host of new main quests and side stories to the experience.

New trials were introduced as well, along with the latest Mythos of the Realm Alliance Raid – Euphrosyne. The development team also unleashed another dungeon for players to sink their teeth into.

However, the newest quests and raids aren’t the talk of the town in the FF14 Online community. Players have instead concentrated their attention on a shockingly detailed steam bun animation.

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This steamed bun in FF14’s 6.3 update has gone viral

While exploring the online title’s 6.3 patch, user Pimpakkard encountered a steamed bun animation so impressive that it had to be shared on social media.

The user posted a gif of the animation in question, which depicts a character breaking apart a bao bun. But instead of simply cracking in half, the bun stretches before giving into manipulation.

Even the bun’s inner filling realistically stretches and bounces during the animation. Strangely, it’s quite a sight to behold.

The post has since garnered nearly 1,000 retweets and over 5,000 likes, with many replies expressing shock at the scene.

One user joked about the expenses that must’ve gone into the FF14 steamed bun animation, writing that voice acting and server upkeep budgets totaled $350 while the bun likely cost Square Enix $3,600.

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Someone else said in jest, “SE casually spending the entire patch budget on a single animation of breaking a bun in half.”

Others were quick to point out that Sega’s Yakuza series has similarly gone all out with bread animations in the past.

It’s nice to know good food is finally taking center stage in animation departments across the industry.