EA servers are currently experiencing major issues, impacting users on FIFA 19 and Battlefield 1 [UPDATED] - Dexerto

EA servers are currently experiencing major issues, impacting users on FIFA 19 and Battlefield 1 [UPDATED]

Published: 1/Nov/2018 22:12 Updated: 2/Nov/2018 2:24

by Albert Petrosyan


We will keep this article updated with any new information announced by EA, or any developments that occur relating to the ongoing server and connection issues.

The game servers of Electronic Arts are currently experiencing major issues and hundreds of users are unable to get online.

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The issue is seemingly impacting thousands players attempting to access major EA titles such as FIFA 19 and Battlefield 1 across Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC.

Connectivity error messages began popping up for users on their platforms early on November 1, and even those who are able to get online are experiencing heavy menu lag, especially in FIFA 19.

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Down Detector, an independent outage monitor, reported thousands complaints on social media about EA servers, with roughly 69% of them coming from FIFA 19 players.


UPDATE – 11/1/2018 5:14 PM PT

EA have announced that all services are now back up and running.

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After initially being vague about the situation, EA eventually officially acknowledged that there were connectivity issues in a statement they put out on Twitter.

“We’re having some trouble with our services right now, so you might not be able to get into your games or create a case with us on help.ea.com,” they tweeted. “We’re looking into it, and we’ll let you know when we have more info.

Ironically, the EA Help website linked in the tweet is also experiencing major lag and connection issues, which likely has to do with the heavy load of users who are attempting to access the page. 


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As of now, EA have not revealed what could be causing these issues or how long this situation will last before being resolved.

From the standpoint of FIFA 19, the timing could not have been any worse, as the in-game rewards for the previous week’s Weekend League were awarded on Thursday, which is also the starting date of this week’s Weekend League. 

However, in previous instances where connection issues affected Weekend League, EA have usually granted extensions to both the start and end dates of the competition, as well as the the deadline to register.