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Fall Guys

How to get all Fall Guys trophies on PS4 & PC

Published: 19/Aug/2020 14:54

by David Purcell


Looking for a challenge? Well, there’s a whole load of Fall Guys trophies to unlock in-game and we’re going to run through how PlayStation 4 and PC players can complete each and every one of them. 

The popular online game, developed by Mediatonic, only released on August 4. Since that time, it’s basically become an internet sensation with tons of high profile streamers trying to secure their first win. It’s not easy.

Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, Asmongold, and many others were roasted continually by their audiences on Twitch for not grabbing a crown. Though, some players have enjoyed success in the challenging knockout title.


If you’re looking to bump yourself up from crown holder to trophy winner, you’re in the right place. Let’s run through the trophy list and see what you have to do to get them all – courtesy of PlayStation.

Fall Guys egg collection
Looking to get more trophies in Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout? Well, let’s see the whole list of challenges.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout trophy list

  • Ahead of the Pack: Get first place in a racing round.
  • Bargain Bucket: Equip an uncommon or better Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece.
  • Big Air: Clock up an hour total time falling.
  • Big Bully: Knock someone over in-game.
  • Big Tease: Perform an emote just before coming first in a race.
  • Catwalk Model: Equip your first legendary customization item.
  • Down to the Wire: Qualify after a round goes to overtime.
  • Face First: Qualify from a racing round despite falling over more than 10 times.
  • Fall Bae: Share a hug with another Fall Guy.
  • Fall Guy Fashionista: Unlock 50 cosmetic items from the in-game store.
  • Fall Throttle: Reach terminal velocity in Fall Guys.
  • Flawless Victory: Complete a match without falling.
  • Golden Guy: Win 20 times.
  • Head Turner: Equip a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece.
  • Household Name: Reach level 25 fame during a season.
  • Infallible: Win 5 games in a row.
  • Low Baller: Qualify from a team game with a score of 1.
  • Mad Trendy: Equip a rare or legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece.
  • One Giant Leap: Qualify from 100 rounds.
  • One Small Trip: Qualify from your first round.
  • One to Watch: Reach Level 10 Fame.
  • Quite Dashing: Get first place five times.
  • Shopping Spree: Unlock 10 cosmetic items from the store.
  • Show Off: Win with a custom punchline equipped.
  • Snowflake: Equip your first cosmetic item.
  • Squad Goals: Win an episode with three friends.
  • Star of the Show: Reach Level 40 Fame.
  • Stumble Chums: Bump into other Fall Guys 1000 times.
  • Style Points: Fall for at least three seconds before landing on your head.
  • Top Tier: Get first place seven times.
  • Track Star: Get first place 20 times, in races.
  • Troublemaker: Bump into 3 people while rolling on the ground before getting up.
  • Ultimate Fall Guy: Acquire all other trophies in Fall Guys.
  • Veteran Status: Qualify in 500 rounds.
  • Victory!: Win one game and take your crown.

What is fame in Fall Guys?

Fall Guys screenshot from minigame
Fall Guys can be a challenging place to get your first win.

Some of these challenges mention Fame and the concept is pretty easy to understand. Essentially, fame is a level system.

The more experience you gain from playing Fall Guys, the higher your Fame score will increase. There are three challenges related to this, so it’s quite important you know what it is before going in blind.

What minigames are in Fall Guys?

Another thing you may be wondering, especially those who have just played a few games, is how many minigames are included?


Well, there are 24 in total and are broken up into different categories. Races are typically larger, with more players, and as you progress through medium and Small minigames, that’s where the pressure is on in the late game. Race, Team, Survival, and Final are the categories.

The full list can be found below.

Football in Fall Guys
Team Games make up just seven of the 24 modes in Fall Guys today.

All minigames in Fall Guys

  • Dizzy Heights (Race)
  • See Saw (Race)
  • Door Dash (Race)
  • Fruit Chute (Race)
  • Hit Parade (Race)
  • Gate Crash (Race)
  • Slime Climb (Race)
  • The Whirlygig (Race)
  • Jump Club (Survival)
  • Block Party (Survival)
  • Roll Out (Survival)
  • Egg Scramble (Team)
  • Jinxed (Team)
  • Hoarders (Team)
  • Hoopsie Daisy (Team)
  • Rock N Roll (Team)
  • Fall Ball (Team)
  • Tail Tag (Hunt/Team)
  • Perfect Match (Team)
  • Tip Toe (Race)
  • Fall Mountain (Final)
  • Hex-A-Gone (Final)
  • Jump Club/Jump Showdown (Final)
  • Royal Fumble (Final)

So there you have it! Those are the full lists of challenges, trophies, and minigames in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Hopefully now you’re well equipped to get as many as you can.

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