YouPorn is Sponsoring The World’s First ‘Adult’ Esports Tournament


The world’s first ‘adult-themed’ esports tournament is being hosted by lewd game portal Nutaku, and has partnered with one of biggest adult video sites, YouPorn.

Nutaku is a website which hosts numerous adult games such as ‘Karmasutra’, ‘Battle Girl’ and ‘Phantasma Magic’, and is now expanding into esports.

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It’s first tournament will be a competition played on mobile game ‘TnT’ (Yes, that’s Tits’n’Tanks), and will feature a $25,000 prize pool.

In total 64 players will compete at what is dubbed the “Lewd Gaming Championship”, and on top of the potential to win cash, every participant receives a 12 month YouPorn premium membership for free.

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Nutaku’s product manager Ben Faccio said that TnT was one of its most “coveted” titles and was perfect for esports, as players have been asking for a way to show off their skills.

“Think of it as World of Tanks but with fully uncensored anime action integrated into the gameplay. We’re confident TnT will bring in a trove of lewd gamers and take the world of eSports to the next level.”

YouPorn itself isn’t entirely new to esports though, as the website has previously sponsored an Overwatch team and a SuperSmashBros player under the name ‘Team YP’.

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However, some tournament organizer’s including ESL have battled to keep teams sponsored by the website out of their tournaments. 

But for Nutaku, YouPorn is the perfect partnership, as the type of games on show at this tournament will be much more fitting with YouPorn’s market.

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Vice President of YouPorn, Charlie Hughes, says they are ‘thrilled’ to be in business with Nutaku to launch the first ever adult esports tournament.

“YouPorn has been involved in esports for years with our very own Team YP, and it has added a new level of diversity and community to our platform that we’re excited to introduce to Nutaku.”

You can see the trailer for TnT below – and don’t worry, it’s the SFW version.

Source: VentureBeat