Team Liquid Valorant’s roster woes: “This is really the last chance”

Lauren Bergin
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After Team Liquid’s First Strike: Europe didn’t quite end the way that we all thought, a whole host of roster rumors surrounded the team. Captain Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles has revealed that, while there was some substance, everything worked out. 

Valorant First Strike: Europe was the shocker of 2020. With Team Heretics meeting SUMN FC in the grand finals, a few famous faces were missing from the fray.

With names like G2 Esports, FunPlus Phoenix and, of course, the iconic Team Liquid touted to be the organizations that would dominate the competition, a lot of fans were left disappointed by a lackluster performance from their favorite teams.

This is something that TL captain ec1s knows all too well, especially considering the fallout that this loss had on the team.

TL Valorant roster rumors confirmed

In the wake of First Strike, it was rumored that Complexity’s CS:GO player Jakob ‘JUGi’ Hansen was being prepped to replace either Dom ‘soulcas’ Sulcas or ec1s himself.

Causing quite the stir, the TL frontman has shed some light on the situation. Noting that “we trialed with JUGi in the place of soulcas and then with myself. I’m not sure of the exact reason behind it… [but] we were both understanding of it; obviously, we didn’t perform how we wanted at First Strike. Being in Team Liquid [we’re] very understanding that they want the best team and if they think they need to make changes it’s fine by them.”

He continues “I think it was a good thing because we got to see how it was with an AWPer in our team… And it gave all the players a kick on now like ‘okay right, this is really, really the last chance’ and we need to do everything we can to get some wins for Liquid. That’s what we’re going to plan to do.”

Red Bull Home Ground, and of course the Valorant Champions Tour are, in ec1s words, an “opportunity to redeem ourselves, and hopefully come back here with a win.”

It’ll be pretty interesting to see how Liquid perform after this slight shake up, but ec1s assures us that the team are back in blue and ready to pop some heads. Will they? We’ll find out very soon.

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