Riot Games promise a “slew of changes” to improve Valorant pro scene

Shay Robson

Valorant’s Global Head of Esports Leo Faria has promised fans that changes are on the way to improve the competitive ecosystem.

Valorant’s competitive scene is vastly different from what it was when the game first launched, especially with the Champions Tour.

Launched in 2021, the Valorant Champions Tour was the first step in Riot’s plan for creating a thriving esports ecosystem.

Even since there have been many changes, notably with many arriving at the beginning of the 2023 competitive season with the launch of the three international franchised leagues, as well as the kick-off of Ascension — giving amateur teams a clear pathway to the top. However, not everyone is happy with Riot’s efforts.

Head of Valorant esports claims competitive changes are coming

Despite Riot’s best efforts, some feel as if there’s more that can be done, with some players believing the current ecosystem doesn’t allow for the best of the best to play at the highest level.

With calls from the community to wider support the second level of competition, Valorant’s Head of Esports Leo Faria has promised fans that changes are on the way to improve the competitive scene.

In a tweet on July 29, the Head of Esports claimed that a slew of changes will be introduced beginning with the 2024 competitive season that’ll give teams more opportunities to compete.

“Seeing lots of discussion on VAL tier 2 today. Want to let you know that we hear you and that we have a plan!” Faria wrote. “Sustainability is just one challenge. We’re implementing a slew of changes for next year, including a fully revised calendar with more opportunities for teams to compete.”

“I know the debate comes from a place of passion and desire to the part of the VCT ecosystem. We appreciate you all for that. Stay tuned for a full update later this month, I think you’ll be excited about it!”

The dev clarified in another tweet that the update would arrive sometime in late August, giving more details on what’s to come.