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PUBG Invitational Viewership Tops ELEAGUE and Overwatch Finals

Published: 30/Jul/2018 17:15 Updated: 30/Jul/2018 22:02

by Vincent Genova


July was a massive month for esports with the Overwatch League Finals, ELEAGUE Premiere and Call of Duty Stage 2; however one game beat them all in viewership count.

According to data shared by CS:GO organization owner Andreas Thorstensson, the PUBG Invitational had more peak viewers than Overwatch and ELEAGUE combined.

Thorstensson shared the numbers that were reported by Esports Charts, a website dedicated to esports and streaming trends. According to Esports Charts, The PUBG Invitational peaked at a staggering 39 million viewers, while Overwatch was at 1.2 million and ELEAGUE Premier clocked in at a little over 750,000.

Viewership numbers are not an exact science, so the data cannot be verified. Esports journalist Thorin is skeptical of the reported numbers.

38.7 million of the 39.2 million viewers of the PUBG Invitational were from Chinese streams. OMG, a Chinese organization, won the First Person half of the PUBG tournament.

Overwatch and ELEAGUE had a good amount of viewers from the Chinese streams as well, though the differences were not as drastic.

The Twitch numbers were closer but it was still PUBG leading the pack.

PUBG’s Twitch viewership peaked at at almost 600,000; Overwatch was around 340,000 and about 220,000 were watching ELEAGUE Premiere.

ELEAGUE Premiere did lead in Russia, with 60,000 peak viewers. PUBG had around 37,000 viewers from Russian streams.

Russian numbers for the Overwatch League were not available.

The length of each competition may also be a factor in viewership numbers, with each competition taking place over a varying amount of days.

The PUBG Invitational was a four day event and had a day featuring popular streamers Ninja and Dr DisRespect playing for charity. The ELEAGUE was a multi-day tournament, though the Grand Finals took place on one day.

The Overwatch League Playoffs featured five matches over the course of two weeks and the Grand Final was a two day event.


Mobile Legends esports event gets massive viewership on YouTube

Published: 21/Oct/2020 19:41

by Lauren Bergin


The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Grand Finals that took place on Sunday 17 October has been identified as one of the biggest esports events of 2020, in terms of peak concurrent viewers.

While Mobile Legends may be unknown to many in the Western world, the game has cemented itself as one of the most dominant mobile games of the Southeast Asian mobile gaming scene. With millions of players worldwide, the game has become a behemoth in the competitive mobile esports environment.

Designed as a MOBA, the game sees the player join forces with four other players in an attempt to conquer the enemy base. It wears it’s League of Legends inspirations on its sleeve. Strategy and team composition are key, so it’s not your average handheld game.

Ryan Wyatt for YouTube
The Mobile Legends Grand Finals attracted 611,000 CCO viewers.

Mobile Legends YouTube viewership

This is even further proven by the fact that Sunday’s (17 October) Grand Finals attracted 611,000 peak concurrent (CCU) views, making it one of the most-watched esports events of the year, as highlighted by YouTube Gaming’s Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt.

Wyatt goes on to put the viewership numbers into perspective, noting that the recent ESL Pro League Season 12 Grand Final for CS:GO peaked at 316,000 CCO across both Twitch and Youtube.

Mobile gaming esports

When most people think of esports they imagine huge gaming arenas filled to the brim with glowing neon computers and young kids staring intently at their screens. However, mobile gaming is revolutionizing the way that we perceive esports.

With huge franchises such as Call of Duty now having a mobile professional scene, and rumors swirling about a possible mobile version of Riot Games’ newest title Valorant, mobile games are becoming an unstoppable force in the esports world.

It’s exciting to watch their expansion, especially in regions of the world where computer and console-based gaming are few and far between. Only the future knows whether mobile game titles will come to dominate the traditional esports scene, but until then it’s worth checking out Mobile Legends to see what all the hype is about.