PCS4 Americas Grand Finals: Players to Watch – Week Two

Ty Brody

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The opening week of PCS4 Americas Grand Final is in the rearview mirror. Now, it’s time to highlight three ‘Players to Watch’ during Week Two, beginning this Thursday.

Week One of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final laid the groundwork for what should be an exciting set of matches during Week Two. Teams have now had their first shot at this lobby while playing the ‘Most Chickens’ format and should feel more comfortable. Of course, that won’t be the case for every team. There’s still plenty of hurdles for a few of the sixteen squads. Some are engaged in turf wars for their primary loot location, others are simply struggling with the ‘must win’ mentality.

If we learned anything from Week One it’s that the Soniqs will supersede regardless of what format they’re placed in. This team stockpiled kills while playing their traditional style of PUBG. Soniqs weren’t going to overthink the new format and fix something that wasn’t broke. They stepped into a unique lobby, under an unfamiliar format, and performed as they have all season.

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Looking ahead to Week Two, there are three players who come to win when previewing this week’s matches. Producing their own moments of glory, these players and their team had impressive moments last week and could be champs this week.

1. Relo, Oath Gaming

After a quiet Day One with a couple of fourth-place finishes, Oath Gaming erupted during Day Two and claimed back-to-back Chicken Dinners. These wins sent the team flying up the leaderboard where they would ultimately finish Week One in fourth. The performance earned the team $8,000 USD and points them in the right direction entering Week Two.

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‘Relo’ secured the first Chicken Dinner for Oath Gaming in the PCS4 Americas Grand Final during Match 10. Able to isolate and challenge the last two members of Wildcard Gaming individually, Relo closed out his clutch performance. After knocking the first member of WC in the open, ‘Relo’ fought an intense one-versus-one to claim Oath’s first victory of the final.

2. NecroAQN, Trogloditas

Trogloditas didn’t quite have the first week they had hoped for coming into the Grand Final. However, the team did display moments of success against an incredibly talented lobby featuring the region’s best. Of the team’s four-man roster, the player I would like to see have another high-grade performance during Week Two is “NecroAQN”.

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Potentially my favorite highlight from Week One, “NecroAQN” locks onto his targets while moving to the zone and quickly eliminates two from Wildcard Gaming. His aim and ability to control the spray during the first knock is incredible, he follows it up with another to drop Wildcard down to one. During Week Two, keep an eye on Trogloditas and “NecroAQN” to have an even better display than their ninth-place Week One finish.

3. TsoK, Wildcard Gaming

Already a recurring theme in this week’s ‘Player’s to Watch’ but for a positive reason this time. Wildcard Gaming had a productive opening week but fell short of their ultimate goal a couple of times. Their two second-place finishes would typically sting somewhat, but it’s magnified when the only objective in this series is to win a match. Perhaps the silver lining is their ability to find late-game circles and give themselves a chance to win. Which is something other teams are begging for this week.

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“TsoK” was noticeably one of the stronger players this past week, and he outplays Latin Dominus in this particular clip. His ability to evade and create individual fights wins him this engagement. Unfortunately, his mates were eliminated in the process of this highlight. Nevertheless, we can appreciate his play and expect more from him and the rest of WC during Week Two.

The PCS4 Americas Grand Final returns for Week 2 on Thursday, June 17.

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