Luminosity beats FaZe, TSM & NRG as most-watched ‘team’ on Twitch

popular esports teams on TwitchTwitch/TSM FTX/Luminosity/NRG

According to new stats, Luminosity Gaming were the most watched team on Twitch in June 2021, with a huge drop-off between them and NRG in second place.

Twitch stars have become some of the hottest commodities in esports & gaming, with organizations clamoring to lock down the top names and bring more eyes to their team.

We’ve seen Luminosity bring in Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, FaZe Clan get NICKMERCS on board as a co-owner and orgs like TSM branch out by recruiting the likes of top chess streamer Hikaru Nakamura.

But how do the numbers actually compare? Streamscharts compiled the data to look at the top 10 teams in June, based on hours watched.

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Top 10 esports teams on Twitch

xqc luminosity gamingLuminosity Gaming
xQc is the biggest name on Twitch, and Luminosity are reaping the rewards.

Luminosity top the charts by a long way, thanks largely to xQc, who makes up 74% of the organization’s hours watched on Twitch, despite his hours watched falling by around 42%.

Meanwhile, NRG take TSM’s spot in second place, with Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris earning almost 6m hours watched of their total 18.1m.

TSM streamer ImperialHal remains the org’s most viewed star, having bypassed GMHikaru in May after the chess grandmaster’s reign of dominance.

Here’s the full list of the top 10:

  1. Luminosity Gaming: 29.4m hours watched
  2. NRG: 18.1m
  3. TSM: 17m
  4. FaZe Clan: 12.5m
  5. Cloud9: 12.2m
  6. T1: 12.1m
  7. Team Liquid: 9.5m
  8. LOUD: 9.4m
  9. DeToNator: 9.2m
  10. G2 Esports: 8.2m
most popular esports teams on TwitchStreams Charts
The most popular esports teams on Twitch in June 2021.

Many teams, such as Luminosity, FaZe and TSM saw dropoffs in their total hours watched, while C9’s stayed pretty much the same month-on-month. It’s unclear why exactly so many teams saw drops in their numbers.

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It’s looking great for LG and xQc, and it’ll definitely be interesting to see whether another team could overtake them any time soon. Unfortunately for those teams, it’s not looking likely.