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VTuber Pekora finally joins Twitch and is a huge success with first stream

Published: 6/Jul/2021 13:30

by Connor Bennett


Hugely popular VTuber Pekora has made the jump to Twitch and has already had some pretty impressive success already despite only streaming once.

Over the last year or so, VTubers – streamers who are represented by an animated figure on-screen – have become hugely popular across both Twitch and YouTube.

Their success has even led to some of the biggest names in streaming to get their own VTuber models created, though that has brought controversy in past as well.

While many VTubers are typically found streaming on YouTube, working under the HoloLive umbrella, some have started to move over to Twitch too, including Pekora.


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Top 10 most viewed VTubers in 2021.

Pekora became part of the VTuber craze back in 2019, collaborating with other HoloLive members on different content – including karaoke streams. She quickly grew over the following few months, ending up with over 1.5 million subscribers and has become the most-watched gaming VTuber around.

Since then, she’s jumped over to Twitch under the name usadapekora_hololive and despite only streaming the once, she’s already amassed close to 100,000 followers. Her account was only created at the back end of March.

Her first stream did pretty well viewer-wise as well. As per stats from SullyGnome, the VTuber averaged just under 15,000 viewers for her two-hour-long debut on Twitch, peaking at just a touch over 21,000 viewers.


Screenshot of Pekora twitch stats
Perkora has only streamed once but has had success on Twitch already.

However, the VTuber isn’t ditching her YouTube channel altogether as it appears as if she’ll be splitting her time between Twitch and YouTube, given she’s streamed on YouTube since her debut on Twitch.

It might be hard for her to replicate her YouTube success on Twitch if she’s splitting time between the two, but she’s already got off to a strong start and has a rabid fanbase who will clearly follow wherever she goes.