Lando Norris’ org Quadrant enter esports with Halo signing

Lando Norris with Master ChiefQuadrant/Halo

Gaming entertainment brand Quadrant, founded by Formula 1 driver Lando Norris, have now become a fully fledged esports organization with their first competitive team signing.

Founded in November 2020 by F1 star Norris, in collaboration with his management company ADD Management and Veloce Esports, Quadrant started as a group of content creators.

Now, just over a year and one major sponsor later, the company are deepening their reach in gaming by announcing their very first esports team — a team that will compete in the newly launched Halo Infinite, no less.

They’ve signed the team formerly known as OEX, comprising of French players Sonny ‘Fragxr’ Marchaland, Paul ‘Nurix’ Villemont, Norwen ‘SLG’ Le Galloudec, and Sébastien ‘TchiK’ Darriet.

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Quadrant enter Halo Infinite esports

Quadrant Halo Master ChiefQuadrant
Competing in Halo Infinite is the first taste of esports for Quadrant.

The org will make their esports debut at the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh, North Carolina across December 17-19. As OEX, the French side finished second in the three tournaments they competed in: HCS Europe Open Series on November 21 and 28, and the HCS Europe Major Raleigh 2021 Qualifier.

Teams to have cemented themselves as favorites early on during online play, such as OpTic Gaming and Sentinels, will be in attendance for the first big LAN event in Halo Infinite history. Quadrant will face off against tough opponents from the get-go, having qualified for the group stage of the tournament.

“One of my main goals for Quadrant since I launched it last year has been to see our team compete on the biggest esports stages against some of the biggest names in the industry,” said Quadrant founder Norris. “What we announced today brings us to that point.

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“I’ve loved watching Halo since it launched last month and I made sure we moved quickly to sign one of Europe’s most talented rosters to our team. I’ve set the goals high and the team is just as passionate as I am, so let’s go get our first win!”