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Geoff ‘iNcontrol’ Robinson’s family confirms he passed away painlessly

Published: 23/Jul/2019 5:09 Updated: 23/Jul/2019 14:30

by Michael Gwilliam


Former StarCraft 2 pro turned commentator Geoff ‘iNcontrol’ Robinson suddenly passed away at the age of 33 on July 21 and his cause of death has been revealed on his Twitter account.

Posting on Robinson’s Twitter account, his family wrote: “To offer some solace in this time of grief: We’ve learned that Geoff passed quickly and painlessly from a blood clot in his lungs. He was with friends. He always urged and led us by example to take care of ourselves to the best of our ability. Remember to do that for him today.” 

The tweet included a stylized in memoriam graphic of Robinson through the years. 

Robinson’s ex-wife, Anna Prosser, provided more details on her personal Twitter account writing: “In 2013, Geoff went to the hospital for pain in his leg and learned it was a blood clot. I remember the doctor explaining to us that usually there’s no pain, and how lucky he was to have caught it. Geoff cited that often, and I never knew someone so steeped in daily gratefulness.”

“After learning that extensive sitting could contribute to clotting, the first thing he did was tell his friends and community, urging them to get up, walk, and stretch often. He wanted to share and protect by example. You probably remember his diligent ‘get up’ breaks on stream,” she added.

“He used his experience to help others, he led by example in taking care of himself, and he spoke very often about how grateful he was for his life and the wonderful things in it. It’s unbelievably unfair that he’s gone. But he made each day of his 6 year ‘second chance’ count.”

“In the end it wasn’t about sitting or anything he could have done to prevent it, and everything I say feels stupidly inadequate to make any sense of that. The fact that he did everything right and then we blinked and he was gone is just inconceivable.”

Tributes from across the esports community poured in after news of
Robinson’s passing on July 21. It was clear that he meant a lot to the
esports community at large and not just the StarCraft scene. 

Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott said iNcontrol “brought so much laughter to me and so many others, while Sean ‘day9’ Plott described him as a “one-of-a-kind person.”

Meanwhile, esports journalist Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields described him as “one of the most entertaining people to ever be involved with esports.”

Patrick Strack/ESLiNcontroL transitioned into commentary after his career as a StarCraft player.

The official StarCraft twitter account also paid homage to iNcontrol writing: “thank you for everything, Geoff. StarCraft won’t be the same without you.” 

Robinson, a former Starcraft 2 Protoss player was a highly popular figure in the competitive gaming community from both his playing days and further career in broadcasting.

As a player he captained the Evil Geniuses StarCraft team, and once his career as a competitor was over he transitioned into becoming a popular commentator for the game.

He casted events such as season one of North American Star League and the 2012 DreamHack Open: Stockholm.


Army National Guard CS:GO Missions: How to complete and earn points

Published: 17/Nov/2020 18:44

by Calum Patterson


As part of the Army’s National Guard Community Challenge, CSGO players competing will have the chance to earn extra points by completing various missions. Here’s how missions work, and how to get them done.

Army National Gaurd

Throughout the duration of the CS:GO community nights and tournaments running until December, you can rack up points for each game you win – while having points deducted for a loss.

But, it’s not just winning or losing you need to worry about – that’s where missions come in. Missions offer an extra opportunity to pick up points.

If you’re not already signed up, make sure to head to our info page for everything you need to get started.

CS:GO Community Night Missions

Missions are a way for players to earn additional rewards for winning matches, by not just winning matches for points but also playing, getting headshots, clutches, bomb defuses, nade kills, etc.

Players will enter a mission challenge and compete against themselves to complete a specific task. If you complete that task, i.e. 3 clutches in a game, you will win points that can be spent on the shop here.

Hometown Soldier Campaign

The Army National Guard started the Hometown Soldier Campaign on November 1, with missions that can be activated by any players with a CS:GO game account.

There are currently two missions that everyone can complete until the end of November:

  • Mission 1: Win 10 matches – 500 points
  • Mission 2: Win 60 matches – 20,000 points

At the end of the month, these missions will be replaced by two more on December 1, which will run until the end of December.

This is all in addition to the bi-weekly tournaments, where players will be ranked on their wins/losses. The top players will proceed to the next stage of the tournament and will be rewarded with points, from a pool of 30,000 – full details here.