LIRIK embarrassed after making rookie mistake in Escape from Tarkov

LIRIK, Instagram/Battlestate Games

Popular Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid was stunned after realizing he made an easily avoidable mistake in Escape from Tarkov which saw him miss out on a lot of money in-game.

Escape from Tarkov has had a quick rise to popularity on Twitch in late 2019 and many streamers have started to broadcast it for their viewers in recent months.

Among them is popular Twitch streamer LIRIK who seems to be enjoying the tactical-survival shooter, despite some of his most embarrassing fails ever on the game.

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During his January 1 broadcast, LIRIK managed to get his hands on a spare graphics card in-game while doing some runs for new loot.

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The graphics card in Tarkov is one of the items needed by players to set up their own bitcoin farm, so it has a considerable price of over 250,000 Roubles on the Flea Market, making it quite worthwhile to find while playing.

However, unfortunately for LIRIK, when he went to sell his newly acquired item on the market, he ended up making a typo and accidentally listed the graphics card for ten times less than what it was worth instead.

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The popular streamer did not realize his massive error at first, but was instantly notified by his viewers in Twitch chat after they witnessed his unfortunate mistake.

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LIRIK was stunned for a moment after realizing that one lucky Tarkov player had found themselves a bargain and instantly snagged the item before he could reverse his error.

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“Wait I put it up for 25k? Get the f**k out of here! Did I really do 24k chat? Please don’t tell me I did.” he said before letting out a gasp when seeing the sold item.

LIRIK has already made a handful of rookie mistakes while playing Tarkov, such as when he was defeated by some barbed wire during one of his runs and has continued to entertain fans with his playthrough of the game.

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