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YouTuber Tati Westbrook reveals why she is ending James Charles beef

Published: 16/May/2019 23:27 Updated: 16/May/2019 23:30

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s beauty community imploded after popular makeup guru Tati Westbrook uploaded a video exposing James Charles for allegedly less-than-savory behavior – but now, Tati appears to be ending the feud with her protegee.

Tati uploaded a second video on May 16 titled, ‘Why I Did It,’ where she called for an end to the hateful memes and language against James Charles that have taken over the internet following her initial complaints.

“I want the picking sides and the abusive memes and the language and all of that – I really hope on both sides, it can stop,” she said of the matter. “That’s not why I made the video.”

Tati explained that she’d uploaded her initial video as “last-ditch effort” to get through to Charles, who she called “completely unreachable,” noting that his audience of over 30 million followers were largely children – another major factor that caused her to call him out on his purportedly oversexualized behavior.

“No one’s really stopping him, no one’s going to get through to him,” Tati continued. “This is going to end badly, and then I will have to sit for the rest of my life and feel like I never said anything.”

Tati Westbrook, YouTubeTati Westbrook uploaded a video “exposing” YouTuber James Charles on May 10, where she claimed that Charles had used his fame to sexually manipulate straight men and even spread rumors to ruin her image.

Tati went on to state that she doesn’t hate James Charles, and had even wanted to meet up with him on Wednesday, May 16, claiming that her issues with him were “a cut much deeper than vitamins.”

What happened between Tati and James Charles?

The drama between Tati and Charles exploded after Tati uploaded an emotional video to her Instagram story that appeared to be in response to Charles’ advertisement for SugarBearHair, a rival company to Tati’s own Halo vitamin brand.

Tati then uploaded a 43-minute long video titled, ‘Bye Sister,’ which exposed Charles for allegedly using his fame to “manipulate someone’s sexuality” and spreading rumors to harm her image – despite her efforts to build him up as a beauty influencer.

Charles then uploaded an eight-minute apology video on the topic, which has since become one of the most disliked YouTube videos of all time.

That’s not all; Charles even saw a massive drop in subscribers due to the drama, losing nearly three million subs after the publication of Tati’s video, while Tati herself has now risen to a whopping 10 million subscribers.

Charles has yet to respond to Tati’s latest video as of the publication of this article.


Charli D’Amelio invests in $50 million banking service for teens

Published: 2/Dec/2020 19:00

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok’s most-followed content creator, Charli D’Amelio, has invested in her very first startup, and it’s a $50 million mobile banking service specifically aimed at teenagers.

In true D’Amelio fashion, Charli has decided to invest in her first company, Step, along with a slew of other celebrity investors.

What is Step?

Step is a mobile banking service directed toward teenagers aged 13-19, which announced this morning that it has raised over $50 million during its Series B funding stage.

Step has grown to over 500,000 users in two months after its official launch, and features a variety of elements seen in apps like Venmo and PayPal, allowing users to send money to friends via peer-to-peer technology.


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The service also offers its teen customer-base FDIC-insured bank accounts without any fees, easing their foray into the financial world. Step even gives users a Visa card that allows them to establish credit prior to turning 18.

Charli D’Amelio on her Step investment

As for Charli D’Amelio, she seems to be quite jazzed about the bank’s entire concept, having risen to prominence in the mobile world before turning 16 this year.

“As a Step partner and customer, I’ve been able to see firsthand how easy Step makes it to manage your money while providing the educational resources that today’s teens need but have largely been unable to find—myself included,” D’Amelio stated.


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“I’m excited to be able to use my platform to help close this gap and have made a direct investment in Step to help them develop even more useful products.”

Charli isn’t the only big name putting some stock into Step; A-list celebs like Will Smith, the Chainsmokers, and Justin Timberlake are also investing in the bank, making for a truly star-studded affair for the emerging company.

Step is planning to partner with even more celebrities and influencers in the future, and hopes to help its teenaged customer-base with everything from student loans to building credit in the long-term.

Charli D'Amelio invests in Step mobile banking, Press Kit
Step aims to help teenagers ease into the confusing financial world.

“Student loans are a big thing. Being able to extend credit to these folks. Being able to offer new products and services so they’re not paying these outrageous, predatory banking fees and high interest credit cards,” Step CEO MacDonald said of the service.

It looks like Charli is making big waves with this major investment, and all eyes are peeled to see if her 101 million TikTok followers will hop onto the Step trend, too.