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YouTuber David Dobrik takes shots at Logan Paul during lie detector test

Published: 13/Mar/2019 20:31 Updated: 13/Mar/2019 21:55

by Alan Bernal


Popular YouTuber David Dobrik was hysterically forced to take shots at Logan Paul during a lie detector test with Vanity Fair.

Dobrik’s interview spanned topics including the his successful career as a YouTuber, personal life, his small weed smoking habit, and his opinions on content creators.


In his interview, Dobrik was asked if he believed there were any YouTubers in the scene who were sellouts, to which Dobrik confidently replied with a “yes.”

Vanity FairThe interview got real uncomfortable for Dobrik as it got to the more revealing questions.

He was then asked to name one such YouTuber, to which he answered by naming Zane Hijazi. But it didn’t look like he anticipated what was going to happen next.


Dobrik was then immediately shown a picture of Paul, and was asked if he thought that Paul was a sellout. The YouTuber couldn’t contain his smile, as he expanded on his answer.

(Timestamp at 11:44 for mobile viewers)

“Yes,” Dobrik replied with some chuckles. “Major sellout. The biggest.”


Dobrik was struggling to keep a straight face throughout the majority of the interview, and this line of questions had him hilariously breaking his cool demeanor.

Then the interviewer wanted to dig a little deeper when he asked Dobrik to describe Paul with a single word. Dobrik gave a charming response in by saying: “You said it perfectly. Sellout.”

Dobrik found himself in a funny bind however, since the interviewer indicated that he asked for a single word as opposed to “sell out.’ Dobrik laughed off the interviewer’s question by saying he was “pretty high,” and the interview carried on.


Though the two online personalities have had a feud in the past, and it seemed like Dobrik wasn’t too keen on going down that rabbit hole again.


Jaclyn Hill slammed for emotional Instagram posts about lipstick scandal

Published: 19/Oct/2020 19:26

by Virginia Glaze


Makeup mogul and YouTube star Jaclyn Hill is facing backlash after posting a series of emotional statements to her Instagram Stories that appear to be about the fallout surrounding her lipstick scandal last year.

Jaclyn Hill is a bonafide beauty guru; boasting her very own makeup line and collaborations with such brands as Morphe, Hill has solidified her presence in YouTube’s beauty community — although not in the best way, at times.


In 2019, Hill received an avalanche of backlash after buyers claimed her lipsticks were cracked, covered in a fuzzy substance and even moldy, which critics still don’t feel that she has adequately made up for.

Shortly after the scandal went viral, Hill took a hiatus from social media and returned some time later to reveal that she had self-medicated her anxiety over the issue with alcohol, but has since been more active online and is taking steps toward recovery.


It seems that Hill is facing backlash over the incident yet again, after opening up to fans in a series of emotional posts via her Instagram Stories that appear to discuss the aftermath of the lipstick drama.

In her posts, Hill claimed that she was “trying so hard to fake a happy life for social media” during that time, stating that it is “hard for me to even look at pictures from this period” in her life.

Jaclyn Hill poses on the beach with a caption on her Instagram story.
Instagram: Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill opened up about the difficulties she faced in her mental health during the aftermath of her lipstick scandal in summer 2019.

“I felt so undeserving of this award,” Hill said of her win at the American Influencer Awards. “I was ashamed of who I had let myself become and still believe 1,000 other influencers deserve recognition more than me.”

Jaclyn Hill poses with her trophy at the Influencer Awards.
Instagram: Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill won Makeup Tutorialist of the year at the 2019 Influencer Awards – an honor she said she was “ashamed” to receive.

Despite her seemingly genuine remorse over the matter, critics aren’t letting her live the scandal down, with many finding her Instagram posts performative and attention-seeking, even speculating that she could be ramping up to sell another product to fans.

“Whenever she posts emotional stuff, its ‘cause she’s about to sell something big,” one user wrote over Twitter. “She psychologically manipulates people a lot before a big drop. She does this days, weeks or a month before.”

“I mean, I’m glad she’s doing better mentally, but a large part of the backlash against her, and what added to her mental health struggles, wasn’t just the fact that the lipsticks were defective, but that she took zero responsibility or accountability for it,” another wrote.


While it’s clear that Hill has tried to remain positive, last year’s lipstick drama just isn’t going away despite her efforts to rise above a scandal that has become synonymous with her image.