YouTuber Boogie2988 says he “No longer feels safe” promoting BetterHelp

Steven ‘Boogie2988’ Williams joins the growing list of YouTubers who have spoken out against BetterHelp in light of the recent controversy regarding the online counseling service.

Following the mounting set of allegations against BetterHelp, popular YouTube personality Boogie has dropped the service as a sponsor and gone into detail about what led him to this decision.

Boogie’s response to the situation comes just days after Philip DeFranco, who is also sponsored by BetterHelp, doubled down on his support for the service.

Having been dealing with severe depression and anxiety, Boogie explained that he first came to hear about BetterHelp through advertisements DeFranco’s videos and decided to sign up for the service.

Boogie then used it for six weeks before becoming aware of the company’s “scary” Terms of Service. Despite finding value in the service, as it led him to speak to his doctors in order to get the necessary medications to better his mental health, the TOS was nonetheless a breaking point for Boogie.

“After seeing the Terms of Service, I no longer feel safe promoting it,” Boogie said of BetterHelp. Even though he continues to use the service, he is still worried about the potential ramifications of the TOS, including the possibility that any information he’s shared through the service could be sold off by BetterHelp.

Given the negativity surrounding the service and his own feelings about it, Boogie has also decided what to do with any money he made from the sponsorship.

“However much money I made off of BetterHelp, I don’t feel comfortable keeping [it]. I’m going to give that money to the Suicide Prevention Hotline and St. Jude.”

Boogie ends the video by expressing his regret for not looking deeper into the company’s TOS and for profiting from his viewers’ mental health before urging viewers to seek professional help rather than trusting the word of him or any other YouTuber when it comes to finding mental health assistance.

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