YouTube “medium” claims he was brutally beaten in his own home

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Jun 13, 2019
ImJayStation, YouTube / Freepik

YouTube is home to a wide variety of content, from everything to Tarot and palm readings and even seances, with one YouTuber in particular being known for communing with spirits of the dead – but the doubt around his “practices” is growing ever greater, following the release of a shocking series of photos.

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Controversial YouTuber ‘ImJayStation’ has garnered ample criticism throughout his career on the platform, with many users decrying his methods and claiming that he exploits the deaths of celebrities and internet stars for views.

With this in mind, many are calling his latest claims into question, with JayStation alleging that he was brutally beaten in the privacy of his own home.

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BabyBoo, Twitter / ImJayStation, YouTube

JayStation released two photos to YouTube on June 11, showing his face covered in severe bruises with his left eye bloodied.

That’s not all; JayStation also released a video discussing the incident, where he claimed that three men in ski masks broke into his home and started violently beating him in a robbery attempt.

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“[They were] chokeholding me, I was going in and out of consciousness,” JayStation explained. “There was blood everywhere. My apartment is a disaster. …they say, ‘Where’s the money? Where’s the money?’”

Despite JayStation’s solemn statement that “this is not a joke for YouTube,” many critics are calling his story into question, with some speculating that he fabricated the entire incident for views.

“Given the fact that, from my knowledge, Jaystation stole someone’s content in the past, wouldn’t be surprised if this is fake like him,” one user wrote. “Just saying.”

Others questioned if the bruises on JayStation’s face were merely the work of a skilled makeup artist, with some posting tutorials on how to create a bloodied eye.

This wouldn’t be the first time JayStation has been at the center of controversy, by far; in fact, ‘No Jumper’ podcast host Adam22 and Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR took shots at the YouTuber for holding a seance with rapper Mac Miller’s ghost, with KEEM claiming that JayStation’s video was meant “literally to make money and get views and exploit someone’s death.”

Despite these debacles, JayStation has a loyal subscriber base, who are demanding justice for JayStation in light of the alleged attack.