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YouTube Announces a Thumbnail ‘Experiment’ and Everyone’s Confused

Published: 28/Jun/2018 16:07 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:06

by DG Goldstein


YouTube has introduced a new experiment where a small percentage of viewers will see automatically-generated thumbnails, rather than the ones that some channels create for specific videos.

With YouTube growing at an exponential rate since it was first introduced in 2005, creators and members of the platform have expanded alongside it, which has allowed the video-hosting service to become an international giant.


Some users on the platform have been able to build incredibly lucrative careers by uploading videos and collecting advertiser revenue after establishing a large base of fans and supporters over time, leading YouTube to adjust its policies over time.

However, sometimes creators push back in regards to potential changes by the platform with the concern that adjustments may disrupt the ‘flow’ of being able to bring in viewers, advertisement revenue, and other aspects pertaining to their careers.


One of the most useful features for channels to bring in new viewers is that of ‘thumbnails,’ which provide a short insight on that a certain video is about and can be a huge factor in whether or not a user will click on a specific upload.

On June 27th, YouTube surprisingly announced that they are rolling out an ‘experiment’ where 0.3% of viewers will be seeing an automatically-generated thumbnail, rather than the custom one uploaded by a channel.

This method has been met with a collection of harsh criticism by certain users, with many questioning why such a policy would be put in place when certain creators pay other to design thumbnails for each video.


As of writing, it is unknown how long the thumbnail experiment will last for.


Twitch streamer Jinny stunned as man tries to sell her drugs on stream

Published: 7/Oct/2020 18:49

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer Jinny was left shocked after two men tried to sell her drugs while she toured the city of Hamburg in Germany.

Jinny has grown quite a following thanks in part to her IRL traveling antics where the Korean streamer routinely has odd adventures. Her trips have resulted in her befriending waitresses at a Texas Hooters, being attacked by wild deer in Denmark, and even setting her backyard on fire.


Now, in her most recent trip in Germany, the streamer found herself in quite an awkward position as she was offered drugs during an October 7 broadcast.

While talking to viewers, a random man suddenly began talking to her in broken English.


“You’re lucky to be in Deutschland. My ganja is the best,” he said. “You get three for five.”

It’s unclear exactly what units of measurement the man was selling three of for five Euros, but ganja translates to marijuana or weed. The incident really shocked the IRL streamer who had no idea what he was talking about.

“I don’t speak German,” she stated as he and another man conversed in the language.

Jinny's Twitch chat
Jinny’s chat warned her the man was selling drugs.

“Do you need ganja?” the man asked in English.

“What is ganja?” Jinny wondered. “Iguana?”

Eventually, Jinny looked at her chat and saw that her viewers were spamming translations and explaining how he was trying to sell her drugs – something she wanted no part of.


“I don’t need ganja. It’s okay,” she laughed and went on her way. “That was very random. Do I look like I smoke weed? Uh, maybe.”

Amusingly, the streamer went on to explain that she was very confused and seriously thought the man was trying to sell her an iguana.


“I thought he said ‘do you want to buy an iguana,’” she chuckled. “Why would I want to buy an iguana all of a sudden?”

Luckily, Jinny wasn’t forced into buying any drugs or reptiles during her encounter, but it just goes to show that even when a camera is rolling, weird stuff happens on a regular basis.