Young streamer tricked into destroying PC by Mr Beast imposter – Mom confirms it’s real

A young Twitch streamer was cruelly tricked into destroying his brand new, $1,200 PC, after someone pretending to be popular YouTuber Fortnite fan, and had been using the PC to play.

However, it appears a viewer pretending to be Mr Beast convinced the child, and his mother, into completely destroying it, as ‘sponsors’ would send him a new one if he did so.

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Mr Beast is well known for donating large sums of money to Twitch streamers in his videos.

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Many of Mr Beast’s popular videos involve him donating large sums of money to Twitch streamers, sometimes in return for completing a challenge of some kind.

It has led to trolls claiming to be Mr Beast, and it appears one such troll was very successful on this occasion.

After placing the PC into a bathtub and lathering it in soap, the streamer then even later retrieved a baseball bat and a machete to completely dismantle his pride and joy.

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Some have questioned the legitimacy of the situation, suggesting that perhaps it was all faked for the attention – especially considering how willing the parent was to allow her children to destroy an expensive item.

However, the mother of rogue07 has explained on Twitter that it was not faked, and that both her and her children were acting on the promise that a new PC would indeed be rewarded for destroying the current one.

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A Reddit user who claims to have watched the entire livestream explains that that the streamer believed he would receive a PC worth around $5,000, if he carried out the destruction of his current one. Apparently ecstatic at this proposition, the kid went through with the request.

Rogue07’s Twitch channel no longer exists on the website, and his Mother has explained that it was suspended and deactivated following the livestream. It looks like this young streamer just experienced a very expensive but valuable life lesson – don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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A re-upload of the stream has been posted to YouTube, which shows the young streamer being convinced that he is communicating with Mr Beast, before demolishing his pricey PC.

Mr Beast has confirmed that while he feels sorry for the young streamer, he won’t be able to replace the destroyed PC, and has explained the reasons in a statement to KEEMSTAR. 

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