xQc’s dad chooses favorite female streamer in “unhinged” stream segment

xqc's dad goes pciks favortie female streamerTwitch: xQc

In a “unhinged” stream segment, xQc’s dad made a surprise appearance to choose his favorite female streamer. 

xQc is no stranger to incredibly odd and wacky antics on stream, but this one might take the cake for most “unhinged”, as labeled by viewers. 

During a normal stream, xQc left his desk to do something off screen, only to appear back dragging an extra chair into his streaming room, The content creator was then quick to introduce his dad as a surprise guest. 

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This isn’t the first time xQc’s dad has appeared on stream, but only briefly, and by surprise. This time however, he stayed on for a whole segment on his stream. 

xQc would make his dad do something he has done before on stream, a “top female streamers world cup”, which is a bracket where you choose your favorite streamer until there’s one left standing. 

It’s quite clear xQc felt a slew of emotions as his dad picked his favorite streamers, some of which he personally knows. From embarrassment, shock, and even agreeing with his pick of Sasha Grey because of her “attitude”.

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Papa xQc interestingly immediately picked Amouranth when given the option, saying, “come on are you f***ing serious? Amouranth!” xQc quetions why, which he responds, “for a thousand reasons!”

Eventually the massive bracket came down to a “grand final” of what is arguably the two queens of Twitch, Amouranth and Pokimane, which Poki won. The reason why? Because she is a fellow Canadian.

Naturally, viewers on Reddit labeled it as one of the most insane things xQc has ever done on stream. With a comment aptly describing it, “doing this s*** with your dad, on stream, is unhinged.” Or, as another Redditor humorously put it, “least horny Quebecois.”

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