xQc mocks “12-year-olds” in his chat for spamming racist emote

xQc, Twitch / South Park Studios

Popular Overwatch pro Felix “xQc” Lengyel is known for his over-the-top reactions during his broadcasts – but antics from his own chat brought out a serious side to the internet star.

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xQc was in the middle of broadcasting a documentary on August 20 when the narrator referred to an individual by name as “Nick.”

This prompted a wave of “CmonBruh” emotes in his chat – an emote initially used to “call out” racist terms on stream.

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KnowYourMemeThe ‘CmonBruh’ emote is often used across Twitch to call out racist behavior – but sometimes, the emote can be used in negative ways.

However, both the “CmonBruh” and “TriHard” emotes have since taken on a double-meaning, with toxic chat members spamming the images after hearing any sound comparable to a racial slur, or even in response to completely unrelated words as a means to make racist jokes.

xQc took notice of this issue and promptly called out those responsible for spamming the emote, giving a sarcastic rant toward the “twelve-year-olds” in his chat.

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xQc, TwitchxQc went on a humorous yet heated rant against users spamming the “CmonBruh” emote in his Twitch chat.
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“Guys, I think his name is Nick,” xQc said in feigned shock. “Oh my god, guys. Guys, are you twelve years old? Any twelve-year-olds in chat? CmonBruh! I’m twelve too, guys, look!”

Lengyel then hunched over his keyboard, jokingly typing out “Cmon Brother” and rubbing his hands together in fiendish delight.

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xQc wouldn’t be the first major streamer to call out such casual racism, either: popular Twitch personality Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker banned both the CmonBruh and TriHard emotes during a heated stream on May 31, after finally getting fed up by the racist spam.

“If I see this fucking emote one more time in my goddamn chat, dude,” Hasan stated. “…You fucking idiots. You absolute fucking morons. God damn it, I hate you so much when you do this shit, chat. I hate it so fucking much, you’re like twelve years old.”

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Even World of Warcraft streamer “Asmongold” addressed the matter in a broadcast on the same day, openly acknowledging that many chat members use the emotes with racist intentions.

“I’m not supposed to have any racism in my channel,” Asmond said of the matter. “…obviously, we can’t let that happen. Sorry to say, but there it is. Let’s not beat around the bush here.”

While funny, xQc’s rant marks a pointed statement toward those using the CmonBruh emote in a racist manner, reminding them that such behavior isn’t welcome in his community.

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