xQc immediately regrets unbanning Twitch viewer after ultimate troll - Dexerto

xQc immediately regrets unbanning Twitch viewer after ultimate troll

Published: 7/Mar/2020 22:12

by Bill Cooney


One of the reasons Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is considered as one of the most infamous streamers on Twitch is due in part to his unruly chat, which can even get the better of the former Overwatch pro himself at times.

xQc first banned the viewer in question during an earlier stream for spamming chat, complaining about games being played, and general “degeneration” as Felix called it.

But out of the goodness of his heart, the streamer decided to give his viewer another chance, only to immediately regret doing so.

xQc, Twitter
xQc is just coming off a Twitch ban of his own.

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Maybe xQc was feeling generous after coming back to Twitch following his own ban, whatever the reason he decided to unban the viewer and give them the chance to make amends.


“I’ll unban you, and I want you to say sorry,” Felix said, before he attempted to figure out how to unban a user in Twitch chat.

Once they were unbanned, the fan made use of their newfound freedom to promptly make fun of xQc, which wasn’t the response he was looking for.

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“No go f**k yourself, LLLLLLLLLLLLL,” the user replied, before Felix promptly decided to ban him from the stream chat again.

“Oh, you stupid motherf**ker, dude,” the French Canadian sighed. “I’m done. You’re done. I rebanned him, stupid f**ker, dude.”


To his credit, xQc did give the viewer one more chance to apologize and remain unbanned for good, which they did, albeit in the most xQc-viewer way possible.

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“Okay, I’m sorry Daddy,” the viewer wrote. “I look forward to your stream every day I wanna smell your farts.”

So, in the end, xQc did get his apology after all, even if it wasn’t exactly what he had been looking for.