xQc’s hilarious hair appointment stream has spawned brand-new memes

xQc Twitch

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel streamed while getting his hair done at a salon, and now every other frame from that broadcast is spawning brilliant new memes.

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The former Overwatch pro recorded every moment of his appointment, from bleaching to cutting. While the stream was an awesome way for xQc to further connect with his fans, it looks like some viewers had another reason for tuning in.

During a March 26 broadcast, xQc was going through fan-requested videos when one viewer suggested a meme complication at the streamer’s expense.

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The Canadian broadcaster was left speechless when he saw hilarious split images comparing various stills of his VOD with everything from a baby monkey to a Dash from Pixar’s The Incredibles.

The video also contained the soundbyte “Oh no no no,” a classic meme dub that only added to the compilation’s quality.

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Even xQc had to let out a few chuckles as after a couple of replays, notably when his hair was tied up in a small ponytail while the other image displayed a rooster with a similarily styled feathers.

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His Twitch Chat were in roars of laughter with more people spamming “PepeLaugh” and “OmegaLUL” with every passing image.

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Aside from the Twitch clip that has almost 50,000 views since it was published, more people have taken it upon themselves to relate xQc’s trip to the stylist with custom memes.

As a master meme-maker, xQc looked like he had a slight appreciation for some of the funnier creations that came out of his community.

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xQc routinely makes some of the funniest clips on Twitch, and it seems like his audience are rubbing off him with the latest wave of memes.