xQc gives heated explanation on why he doesn’t go out with streamers

Published: 28/Nov/2019 19:14 Updated: 28/Nov/2019 19:18

by Eli Becht


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel is one of the biggest streamers out there, and he wants to keep that going, even if it means he doesn’t have much of a life outside his work.

Being a successful streamer doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires a lot of things to right. The most important part of it all is putting the time in.

The former Dallas Fuel pro seems to know this and is keeping the grind up. However, many fans pester xQc about why he doesn’t hang out with other streamers, Mizkif, for example, and he finally became fed up with it and exploded on his chat.

Blizzard EntertainmentxQc represented the Dallas Fuel banner in the Overwatch League.

“You get mad when I don’t want to go out with them,” he started. “I couldn’t give a flying f*ck about any of these f*ckers. Did I say that right? I’m gonna say it again. I could give a flying, walking rat’s f*ck about any of these f*ckers. Do you get that? Is that sinking in?”

Xqc doesn’t hate his fellow streamers, so he explained why he hasn’t been as social with them.

“Now, now, what I’m trying to explain to you, ok, has nothing to do with friendship or anything dude,” he said. “I’m in a spot where I don’t wanna hang out; I don’t wanna go outside, I don’t wanna go flying, I don’t wanna do sh*t, dude. I need to get my stable base back on track, and I’ll do whatever the f*ck I think is necessary to do that, and the rest is irrelevant to me.”

Rising to the top of Twitch relies a lot on consistency, but streamers have to be aware of burnout. Streaming the entire week takes its toll, especially if your chat becomes toxic.

Large streamers who have abandoned the platform have spoken out on the issue repeatedly. Former Twitch star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins spoke about the toxicity in his chat, and it was one of the reasons he eventually packed up shop and moved over to Mixer. Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has also talked about how his Mixer chat has been less toxic than Twitch, which has ultimately made the experience “more enjoyable” for him to stream.

Xqc is a streamer who really embraces his chat and interacts with it just as much, if not more, than other streamers of his size.

It hasn’t seemed to have much of an impact on him as of yet, but only time will tell if it eventually takes a toll.


Gamer Dad goes viral after son shares hilariously chaotic Overwatch gameplay

Published: 25/Jan/2021 6:47

by Brad Norton


An extremely energetic parent has gone viral on Twitter for his unique Overwatch playstyle that equates to a real workout while playing as Lucio.

An enthusiastic Dad has been shared all across Twitter for his hilarious reactions while playing Overwatch. He’s not calling enemies out, nor is he getting overly hype with his team.

Instead, this viral video is all about his chaotic movement.

While playing some Deathmatch as Lucio, this parent got all too immersed in the game. Almost every jump, strafe, and dodge was mirrored in real life. 

Just how turning your controller helps turn faster in any game, this Dad took that mantra to an all-new level, applying it to every movement in Overwatch.

As fights came into effect, he was sliding all over the place trying to evade incoming fire. Given that Lucio is one of the most mobile heroes in the game, he was consistently getting into battle and having to reposition.

These weren’t subtle movements either. He was properly moving from side to side, even pushing away from the keyboard and mouse at times. There was rarely a moment where he remained still in front of the monitor.

“My dad plays Overwatch like this,” ‘biggestsonicfan’ said on Twitter. “He jerks around, dodging and peeking around corners. He lifts his mouse a lot. He loses his breath.”

It didn’t take long for social media to explode over the heartwarming video. Hundreds of thousands of views later and gamers from all scenes have chimed in to support the Dad’s efforts. Even Lucio’s voice actor Jonny Cruze caught wind of the viral clip. “He plays Lucio. I am honored.”

There must be some method behind the madness, however. Not only did the Dad secure some kills while in this groove, but they even finished among the top. “That was fun,” he said after the match. “Top four finish!”

Unfortunately, this type of extreme playstyle comes at a cost. “This is chair four,” the son followed up on Twitter. “The carpet under him is completely ripped up, and in the video, you can see light marks on his desk where the chair has dented it.