xQc tries to fight desk after encountering 'trash' stream sniper - Dexerto

xQc tries to fight desk after encountering 'trash' stream sniper

Published: 21/Apr/2019 9:44

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite Battle Royale.

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The former Overwatch professional player-turned streamer has been on the grind in Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale title after venturing away from his previously regular streams of GTA RP.

However, it’s still a game where fans, and trolls, can jump in and ruin his games. Yet, some viewers don’t mind that at all, because of the rage and subsequent highlight gems that xQc produces as a result.

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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentThe former Overwatch pro is a now regular face on the top of the Twitch charts

Stream snipers get the best of xQc

The former Dallas Fuel player ranted and raved after being taken down by stream snipers when he was playing alongside Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney on April 19.


It was deja vu for xQc only a day later as his Fortnite Battle Royale games were infested by trolling players. The popular streamer was taken down by the same player on multiple occasions, causing him to lose his mind before attempting to fight his desk with a rapid-fire barrage of punches.

“It’s the same sniper,” xQc screamed, calming himself down just a tiny bit after the brawl with his desk. “It’s the same stupid fuck! You’re not good.”

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xQc’s chat recommends a delay

Moments like that may prompt a streamer to put a short delay on their stream. Some players choose a minute, or at a push, a few minutes – but xQc’s chat recommended he went all out and put a 15 minute delay on the broadcast.


He realized the error of his ways when his chat interaction slowed down. Fifteen-minute delay and then what? I talk to myself like some crazy complete idiot,” the streamer started, comparing the potential delay to the ageing process. “Thanks for the sub man. Oh, wait, you’re 12? Oh, you have a beard now!”

After roaring his way to almost breaking down, xQc launched a few shots at the chat’s suggestion. “Fifteen minutes delay. Please, dude, stop smoking crack.”

His recent streams have shown that xQc is clearly trying his hand at Epic Games’ extremely popular free-to-play title but he, like other Twitch users, struggles to combat rampant stream sniping.


While there are options to help aid the fight against the virtual streakers, xQc fans will probably be hoping that he ignores them and continues to scream at the trolling players.