xQc explains why trash-talk in Overwatch is a “two-way” contract

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Overwatch players who think they can trash-talk their teammates with no repercussions are sorely mistaken, according to popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

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xQc is definitely no stranger to talking smack, especially during a heated Overwatch match or two, but he felt like some people may get the wrong impression behind the veil of anonymity online.

So when chat brought up an instance where xQc called out a viewer for talking trash, Felix explained that the moment someone “talks shit” online, they automatically enter into a “two-way” contract.

Love him or hate him, xQc is still one of the top Overwatch streamers on Twitch.
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Sorry, it’s non-negotiable

“If you can’t handle being shit-talked to, don’t talk shit, you complete pussy,” Felix told viewers. “Nope, not allowed, it is illegal.”

Using Overwatch as an example, Felix explained that if someone talked shit in the game lobby, then he had every right to fire back with some stuff of his own.

“If someone talks shit in the game lobby, and I talk shit back, we have a two-way contract now,” xQc said. “He talked shit, he signed the contract saying, ‘I will be flamed,’ and I flamed him for it.”

“Nobody should be allowed to report, except this guy, and even then he’s a pussy for doing it, but still,” Felix informed his chat as the match began, before throwing in one last, “It’s a two-way contract.”

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How to understand what xQc is saying

If you find yourself not being able to understand xQc is some of his clips, know you’re not alone, and Twitch streamer “ItsSlikeR” seems to have found a way to make Felix speak a little clearer.

The ingenious solution only requires viewers to switch the playback speed of the clip to half speed and Felix talks a lot slower, but it’s much easier to make out what he’s saying.

This technique doesn’t clear everything xQc says up completely, but it’s pretty funny how much easier it makes him to understand in clips.

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