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xQc explains how he used to scam people on World of Warcraft

Published: 14/Nov/2018 17:43 Updated: 14/Nov/2018 18:50

by Bill Cooney


Streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel told fans about his method of scamming items off of players in World of Warcraft during his pre-Overwatch days.

The scam all happened while trading with other players, “So I would put in 30,000 really fast, and while he was putting the item in, I would remove a zero, then accept and he would accept.”

“So he would give me the item for 3,000, instead of 30,000,” xQc explained to viewers. “It’s an old scamaz, right? But it would work most times, like 60 percent.”

He would do this over and over again to get more items, but in order to get away with his master plan he needed a way to get rid of the items he had scammed, so he came up with a form of in-game money laundering.


“So I would buy some shit with the gold, then I would sell it, so the game wouldn’t be able to give the money back to the guy when I get banned,” xQc explained to fans.

“If I do get banned the money is lost everywhere, it’s spread out in the world, I cleansed the money. So I would get banned for a day or two days and keep the money,” the streamer laughed.

These kinds of scams were pretty common in games like WoW and Runescape Classic, and the idea of xQc literally laundering scammed gold off of unsuspecting players clearly is still amusing to him.