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Entertainment • Aug 09, 2018

xQc Believes in Seagull's Streaming Career, Proves it With a Batman Clip

xQc Believes in Seagull's Streaming Career, Proves it With a Batman Clip

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is a former Overwatch pro who now has a successful streaming career and he believes Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned is capable of the same.

Instead of simply stating that Seagull will be a good streamer, xQc brought up a Batman movie clip to prove his point.


The clip is the scene where Batman escapes from a prison in The Dark Knight Rises.

xQc cheers on Batman as if he was Seagull escaping from the Overwatch League.

The bats that fly past Batman are likened to the people on Twitter who have questioned Seagul’s decision to retire. He also humorously points out the prisoners unable to make the jump are unsuccessful streamers.

xQc called out DSPStanky by name, a content creator that went viral for his amazing Lucio play. DSPStanky unsuccessfully tried to go pro in Overwatch before attempting to be a variety streamer.


Seagull was a popular streamer before he joined the Overwatch club Dallas Fuel and did not have the same success as a pro.

Dallas struggled throughout the season, falling well short of expectations and finished 10th in a 12 team league.


xQc and Seagull were the tanks on Dallas to start the season but were split up following xQc’s suspension from the league.

Instead of waiting out the suspension to return to competitive play, xQc and Dallas mutually agreed to part ways, ending his professional career to focus on streaming.

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