xQc announces new studio-based show and 100T podcast appearance

xQc new show announcementTwitch/xQc

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is wasting no time adapting to his new life in LA, revealing to fans that he’s in the process of working on a big new show that will require a full studio.

xQc has grown to become one of the most successful Twitch streamers of all time. As we learned via the Twitch earnings leak, the French Canadian made over $8M since 2019 by streaming on the platform.

Now, all his fame and fortune seem to be pushing him to take a leap of faith and potentially expand beyond Twitch into the realm of a full new show structure.

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During an October 19 stream, the former Overwatch League pro teased his new project and some other big things he has in the works since moving to LA.

xQc makes money streamingPixabay/xQc
xQc made over $8M streaming on Twitch.

xQc reveals new show

While he didn’t touch on the idea too much, seemingly wanting to keep the concept under wraps, he explained that whatever show he’s working on will take a bit to get off the ground, suggesting it will have a large budget.

“I’m working on a show and it’s going to take some time to produce, but I’m working on it,” he revealed. “I had to meet some people to do that.”

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When pressed by viewers about how big the show will be, Lengyel provided a bit more information.

“Yeah, like a show. I need to get a studio,” he said. “So I need to get a studio and space and whatnot. And I’ll push to be hosting it.”

Sadly, that’s all xQc had to say about it, so we’re still a bit in the dark for the time being, but that’s not all he has going on in LA.

xQc on 100T podcast and TikToks

In addition to his planned show, Lengyel also revealed he went to the 100 Thieves compound and appeared on a podcast.

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“Can you believe that? I did an actual podcast,” Felix said. “And after that, they had me film actual TikToks. I think I did like three TikToks. I don’t know why!”

It’s not clear if 100 Thieves is connected to xQc’s planned show in some capacity, but if they are, then it could be quite the spectacle and combination.

Just like with the upcoming studio-based show, however, Lengyel didn’t reveal too much, such as when the podcast would air, but so far, just one of the TikToks have gone live.

In any case, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s planned, but needless to say, xQc has us very excited for the future of his streams and new content.

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